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Werd wrote:
Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:51 pm
Nessie wrote:
Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:33 pm
Deniers expect us to believe that the Holocaust in Poland was faked, primarily by the Soviets and no Pole has ever broken ranks and shown how it was faked.
From Carlo Mattogno:
4. The Origin of the Propaganda Story of the 'Bunkers ' page 69

4.7. Conclusions

For the members of the Auschwitz resistance, the idea of the 'Bunkers' was thus inspired by the disinfestation buildings BW 5a and 5b; they projected
these installations - showers, gas chambers, ventilation, lids for the ventilation openings - onto the alleged gassing installations, obviously with the appropriate adaptations and distortions, starting with the very term "DegasungskammerT As for the number of the 'Bunkers' and the 'gas chambers' they contained, and, more generally, the number of the alleged victims, the Auschwitz propagandists had not yet come to a common decision - their statements on these contain contradictions. This was clearly due to the fact that the various resistance groups then active - that of the Polish socialist party, that of the Union of Military Organizations, the Kampfgruppe Auschwitz, the group directed by Colonel Aleksander Stawarz, Captain Wlodzimierz Kolinski's group, the one founded by Colonel Jan Karz, Roman Rybarski and Jan Mos-dorf s group 228 - spread their propaganda with minimum coordination, and each one wanted to surpass the others with their own horrifying stories.

Typical in this respect is the intensification of the propaganda theme of people being burned alive, which, starting with semi-conscious adults, over a
number of intermediate stages ends up with children being thrown alive onto pyres. In the same way, the assignment of the designation "Eternal Fire" to
cremation pits, to pyres, and to the crematoria shows the same lack of propa-ganda coordination, not to mention the odd and contradictory literary themes which were tossed around the camp at that phase of propaganda. All these top-ics, like literary seeds, entered the minds of the detainees to a greater or lesser extent and, after the liberation, blossomed in wider propaganda fields.

The central part played by the members of the resistance in the creation of propaganda about Auschwitz was candidly admitted by Bruno Baum, an ex-
detainee who had founded the German resistance group made up of socialist, communist, and anti-fascist inmates. In 1949, he published a book on the activities of the secret Auschwitz resistance movement in which he states: 22 ''

"From my side, the propaganda material went to Cyrankiewicz who passed it on. From mid- 1944 on we sent something at least twice a week. Now the Auschwitz tragedy went around the world.
I think it is no exaggeration to say that the major part of the Auschwitz propaganda, which spread through the world at that time, was written by
us in the camp. "

B. Jarosz, "/ movimenti di resistenza interni e limitrofi al campo," in: F. Piper, T. Swiebocka
(eds.), Auschwitz. II campo nazista delta morte, Edizioni del Museo Statale di Auschwitz-
Birkenau, 1997, pp. 193f.

B. Baum, Widerstand in Auschwitz. Bericht der internationalen antifaschistischen Lagerleitung.
VVN-Verlag, Berlin-Potsdam 1949, p. 34.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Werd wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:45 pm
I read Mattogno's newly translated book by Carlos Porter last night.
And it shows all the obvious propaganda lies that started about the camp. Some were so stupid that mainstream historians ignored them out of embarrassment. Even Jews were caught lying on the stand in some post war trials in Germany to the point of the prosecutor and judge being very embarrassed. The Polish resistance movement in Auschwitz started propaganda lies and many Jews with connections to the Polish government in exile in London for example were exaggerating things and making things up. Why wouldn't they? They were taken from their homes, forced to work and sometimes had to be mercifully killed as shown in HEALTH CARE IN AUSCHWITZ if they were in a really bad way, or they starved after the Germans couldn't feed them without starving themselves thanks to the allied planes bombarding the railway lines. So why wouldn't they lie in order to try and get a war started on Germany so they could be saved? And why wouldn't they lie at subsequent trials out of revenge for being forced to work in a labour camp? It makes perfect sense. This whole talk of destroying 8 corpses in one hour in a coke fired oven is just another one of those propaganda lies.

This little book is just a teaser of what is to come.

Carlo Mattogno: The Making of the Auschwitz Myth—Auschwitz in British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and Postwar Testimonies (1941-1947).
click for a larger version

In this new, upcoming comprehensive study, Carlo Mattogno has brought all these sources together and subjected them to his legendary scrutiny. He ferrets out the truth from underneath the propaganda piled up over the decades. He shows how exactly the myth of gas-chamber mass murder was created at war’s end and in the immediate postwar period, and how it has been turned subsequently into “history” by intellectually corrupt scholars – we would not call them historians, though many hold the requisite credentials – who cherry-picked claims that fit into their political agenda and ignored or actively covered up literally thousands of lies of “witnesses” to make their narrative look credible. Carlo Mattogno has created yet another masterpiece of historical analysis of all the relevant source material upon which the orthodox Auschwitz narrative is based. And its effect is devastating for the orthodoxy…

ca. 300 pp. pb, 6"×9", bibliography, index

Production stage: writing/scripting
Don't worry blake. The lies from these angry, vengeful inmates are going to be exposed even more so very soon. :lol:
Let's not forget Jews have always had a tendency to exaggerate or even outright lie if it will get them political gain. Even before world war two>
Well it's here finally!


The Making of the Auschwitz Myth

In early 2018, Carlo Mattogno sent us the “final” Italian version of his book The Making of the Auschwitz Myth for translation. Or rather, he sent us two books, as he had decided to split this project into two separate books. We decided to keep it together as one book, however, because we already had announced it as such. We subsequently contracted with Carlos Porter to have it translated into English. When Mr. Porter was almost done with his translation, Mr. Mattogno sent us two new files for this book with “some revisions.” A comparison of the files submitted revealed that he had completely rewritten the first part of this book (ca. 100 pages), which he had detached from the original project and defined as a separate project. The changes were so far-reaching that our translation could not be fixed. We had to start over. A comparison of the other parts of the project revealed that there were some significant changes throughout these 350 pages of text as well, requiring a paragraph-by-paragraph comparison of this entire section in order to identify any changes requiring a rewrite of the translation we already had. Needless to say, we were not pleased… The project got shelved, as other, less-frustrating projects had priority.

This past September, we dusted off this project, requested the files of the published version of this book from Mr. Mattogno (sure enough, there were more changes.…), and started the laborious process of bringing our outdated translation up to the latest and final version of this book.

Finally, it’s done! We apologize for the heavy delay of this project, which initially was slated to appear in late 2018/early 2019. It simply wasn’t meant to be. And here is the gist of it:

C. Mattogno: The Making of the Auschwitz Myth: Auschwitz in British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and Postwar Testimonies (1941-1947). On the Genesis and Development of the Gas-Chamber Lore.

The orthodox narrative of what transpired at the infamous Auschwitz Concentration/Labor Camp during the Second World War congealed into its current version in the environs of the Great Auschwitz Trial staged at Frankfurt, Germany, during the mid-1960s. But how exactly did we get there?

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the occupation of Auschwitz by the Red Army in January 1945, Carlo Mattogno wrote an article titled “Auschwitz: 60 Years of Propaganda,” which investigated the early history of claims made about Auschwitz. The present study greatly expands on this theme.

It starts out by analyzing radio messages sent by the SS from Auschwitz to their Berlin headquarters between early 1942 and early 1943. Many of these messages were intercepted and decrypted by the British, giving them a fairly accurate picture of what was going on at Auschwitz. Spoiler alert: the biggest drama unfolding there was a raging typhus epidemic.

Next, Mattogno juxtaposes to these SS messages the missives sent by the Polish underground to their government-in-exile in London, which painted a radically different image contradicting subsequently established facts and even at times themselves.

The largest section of this study analyzes the statements of more than fifty witnesses, most of them made during the war and in the immediate postwar period. The focus is on those passages in their statements that contain claims about mass murder by means of gas chambers. The bottom line of this review is that none of the early witnesses reviewed here fully confirms the current orthodox narrative. Instead, their stories are rife with propaganda absurdities and fantastic rumors.

The fourth section of this study analyzes the flawed early attempts by historians to write a consistent history of the Auschwitz Camp, while the last section demonstrates how modern historians twist the record in order to sustain the fiction that the orthodoxy’s fake version of the facts about Auschwitz is somehow “well-documented.
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Post by Werd »

And that's not all folks!


Holocaust Handbooks Expand to 48 Volumes


We are proud to announce that our series Holocaust Handbooks has a new member coming around the curve: Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein: Two False Testimonies on the Bełżec Camp Analyzed. This is Volume 43 of the series. We started translating this only after the Italian version of that book had been published. (Because we learn from past mistakes!) It is in the final stages of author review, will go to our copy editor next, and should cross the finish line in early 2021 at the latest.

Furthermore, we have now defined five more volumes of this series, all in various stages of completion by the indefatigable Carlo Mattogno, bringing us unbelievably close to the goal of 50 volumes in total:

Vol. 44: Sonderkommando Auschwitz I: Nine Eyewitness Testimonies Analyzed: To this day, the 1979 book Auschwitz Inferno by former Auschwitz inmate and alleged Sonderkommando member Filip Müller has a great influence both on the public perception of Auschwitz and on historians trying to probe this camp’s history. This book critically analyzes Müller’s various post-war writings, which are full of exaggerations, falsehoods and plagiarized text passages. The author also scrutinizes the testimonies of eight other former Sonderkommando members with similarly lacking penchants for exactitude and truth: Dov Paisikovic, Stanisław Jankowski, Henryk Mandelbaum, Ludwik Nagraba, Joshuah Rosenblum, Aaron Pilo, David Fliamenbaum and Samij Karolinskij. We are already translating this one.

Vol. 45: Sonderkommando Auschwitz II: The False Testimonies by Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon: These two witnesses are held in high esteem among the orthodoxy for their tales about Auschwitz: Tauber on Crema II and Dragon on the “bunkers.” This study dispels the notion that these witnesses’ tales are worth any more than the paper they are written on. We are waiting for the final Italian version.

Vol. 46: Mis-Chronicling Auschwitz: Danuta Czech’s Flawed Methods, Misrepresentations and Deception in Her Auschwitz Chronicle: Danuta Czech’s voluminous book Auschwitz Chronicle is considered the most-important reference book for the historiography of the Auschwitz Camp. After decades of using it, Mattogno has compiled a long list of misrepresentations of source material and outright lies and deceptions that need to be exposed. This mega-fraud of a book needs to be retired from the ample ranks of Auschwitz’s sources. We are waiting for the final Italian version.

Vol. 47: The “Aktion Reinhardt” Camps Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka: Black Propaganda, Archeological Research, Material Evidence: The existing three books of the present series on each camp are all outdated, but updating them would lead to much overlap. Hence a new book with all the new insights. We are waiting for the final Italian version.

Vol. 48: The Dachau Concentration Camp: Dachau is one of the most-notorious Third-Reich camps. It’s about time revisionists gave it their full attention. Carlo just started researching this one.

Maybe we should rename Castle Hill Publishers (CHP) into Carlo Mattogno Publishers (CMP)? If anyone doesn’t like the idea – of Carlo dominating the series, that is (we won’t rename CHP) – then feel free to submit your own book project expanding the series! Monographs on Altreich camps are very much appreciated, such as Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen etc.

Please support our efforts in getting these studies translated and published by either volunteering as a translator, if you have the skills and some spare time, or/and considering a donation to any or all of the above projects as posted on CODOH's project-crowd-funding page.

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I can't wait for volume 46 above. Danuta Czech has been taken to the cleaners many times.
Werd wrote:
Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:39 pm
Nessie wrote:
Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:50 am
you cannot even evidence THOSE NOT SELECTED TO WORK LEFT THE AR CAMPS, to then "go missing" for your "third middle".
Werd wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:11 pm
He can read this article by Germar Rudolf to see the shoddy scholarship of Danuta Czech who just conjures gassing victims out of thin air.
He can also read a nice critique of Danuta Czech in Carlo Mattogno's book "Healthcare in Auschwitz." Section 6.2 and the entirety of chapter 7. Book totally free online at
Werd wrote:
Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:56 pm
Nessie wrote:
Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:25 am
Please link to and quote your evidence.
This is about Danuta Czech and Igor Bartosik and their lies that everytime "sonderkommando" shows up in a document it can only mean something sinister. Which is refuted BY THE FACT that THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE SONDERKOMMANDO as shown in many documents.
I've told Nessie where to find these facts.
Werd wrote: I'll throw you a bone. Open the Mattogno book and jump to part one section V entitled "The Sonderkommando" to see how the holocaust cheerleader squad continues to distort documents.
It's this one.
Werd wrote:Hell you can even jump to 44 minutes in that video.
It's this video.
Werd wrote:Nessie can also head over to, find the updated edition of Special Treatment and see in section 21 that Danuta Czech also falsely believes that every time sonderkommando shows up in a document that it means something sinister. There was more than one type of special unit for other tasks. The interested readers will follow my links and see Nessie is wrong and no amount of excuses he can come up with to justify his willful ignorance even matters. He can pretend all he wants that every time sonderkommando shows up in a document, it means something sinister but it doesn't make it true. Saying Mattogno is not a serious scholar or even a real one does not constitute an actual refutation of Carlo's alleged failing to put documents and phraseology into proper context. That's just fantasy.
It's this book.

Apparently however Mattogno is incorrect and the other Polish authors ARE CORRECT that there was only one type of sonderkommando and sonderbehandlung only ever meant one thing. The other documents Mattogno found showing himself to be correct are apparently meaningless now because mattogno does not have PhD or a Masters. Sounds like a non sequitor, but that's just how Nessie loves to argue. Connect things together that have no connection whatsoever. The issue is simple: Is there more than one sonderkommando: Yes or no? Was there ever more than one meaning to special treatment in all the documents we have seen that phrase in: Yes or no? Hint: yes on both counts and we know this thanks to the archival research and linguistic abilities of Mattogno. :lol:

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