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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by torus9 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:17 pm

There are currently two women who deserve a punch in face. Angel Merkel is one, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the other. In Merkel's case, it could only make her more attractive. But Ocasio Cortez is beyond hope.

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by Huntinger » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:55 am

torus9 wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:17 pm
There are currently two women who deserve a punch in face. Angel Merkel is one, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the other. In Merkel's case, it could only make her more attractive. But Ocasio Cortez is beyond hope.
Angela is one I agree Torus9; I also think Theresa May should be thrown under a bus. I am not sure of the context of why you are saying this. Merkel is Jude while May is just a liar who could pass a some jewish char lady.
𝕾𝖔𝖟𝖎𝖆𝖑 𝖌𝖊𝖍𝖙 𝖓𝖚𝖗 𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by torus9 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:28 am

Huntinger wrote:
Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:55 am
I am not sure of the context of why you are saying this.
In regard to the manatee "Merkel's" Germany, I quote from the OP's link.

"In 2016 German mothers were warned that “blond cheerful” ethnic-German children were probably from “right wing” families, therefore implying they are probably ideologically “dangerous” to tolerate and co-exist with. Now, in 2018, the German government has essentially declared that children who wear braids or are athletic are potentially being raised by parents who are “Nazis”.

I referenced Ocasio Cortez for some hemispheric balance. She's an "American" nutbar whose emotive vomiting might be of no interest to you.

C'mon humanity, manifest your stupidity in all of its righteous glory.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned; (in full term abortions)
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."
- Yeats

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by DabbingIsSoMuchFun » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:42 am

John Wear is a proven liar who's nothing but a Hitler apologist through and through with little regards to objectivity.

Now, this website is great!
Holocaust-Leugnung ist keine Geschichte!

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by DabbingIsSoMuchFun » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:07 pm

BTW, here's the scientific proof.

First, John Wear uses memes - MEMES - to help illustrate his point(s). Nothing wrong with that, as long as your memes aren't erroneously wrong (like they are in most cases).



Typical Judische Rapscallion who doesn't give a fck about human lives and obviously all Jude are the same, amirite?


This meme isn't even factually accurate. The meme-makers left out this crucial, important part:

"I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it."

Imagine my shock, a meme is dishonest!

Okay, so we established the facts, how do we interpret them?

(This is an interview with Democracy Now! on July 29, 2004)

"AMY GOODMAN: Secretary Albright, the question I have always wanted to ask: Do you regret having said, when asked do you think the price was worth it—

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: I have said 5,000 times that I regret it. It was a stupid statement. I never should have made it, and if everybody else that has ever made a statement they regret would stand up, there would be a lot of people standing. I have many, many times said it, and I wish that people would report that I have said it. I wrote it in my book that it was a stupid statement.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you think it laid the groundwork for later being able to target Iraq and make it more acceptable on the part of the Bush administration?

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: What? You’ve got to be kidding.

AMY GOODMAN: The sanctions against Iraq.

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: The sanctions against Iraq were put on because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. But there never were sanctions against food and medicine. And you people need to know there never were sanctions against food and medicine, and I was responsible for getting food in there and getting Saddam Hussein to pump oil.

AMY GOODMAN: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaking to us as she was leaving the convention center last night after John Kerry’s closing address, dozens of people remained in the FleetCenter arena."

Wow, so not only was the statement in the meme factually inaccurate, but they didn't even bother to mention that the person who said it (Despite also saying that it was 'a very hard choice') actually not only apologized but also repudiated that very statement?

John Wear = Proven liar, or just intellectually ignorant. I doubt it's the latter as his usage of these type of memes is too widespread.
Holocaust-Leugnung ist keine Geschichte!

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by Turnagain » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:43 pm

An excellent and very useful site, Mr. Berg. Its effectiveness is shown by the desperate attempts to debunk Wear. The "WearsWarts" site is good for a giggle with its failed attempts to mitigate the lies of the Treblinka witnesses with claims of "hyperbole" and "literary (license)." Just the sort of bottom rung excuses employed by Dabbing.

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by Werd » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:40 pm

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: The sanctions against Iraq were put on because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. But there never were sanctions against food and medicine. And you people need to know there never were sanctions against food and medicine, and I was responsible for getting food in there and getting Saddam Hussein to pump oil.
Is she sure about that?
Osama bin Laden cited the deaths of 600,000 Iraqi children in a fatwa declaring war against the U.S. "More than 600,000 Iraqi children have died due to lack of food and medicine and as a result of the unjustifiable aggression (sanction) imposed on Iraq and its nation," he said. "The children of Iraq are our children. You, the USA, together with the Saudi regime are responsible for the shedding of the blood of these innocent children."
Let's try a new york times article from 1995.
Iraq Sanctions Kill Children, U.N. Reports


As many as 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

The study also found steeply rising malnutrition among the young, suggesting that more children will be at risk in the coming years. The results of the survey will appear on Friday in The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Association.

I had a sense that the situation had gotten worse, but I didn't think that there would be such a dramatic difference," said Mary Smith Fawzi, a researcher at the Harvard University School of Public Health, who conducted the survey for the Food and Agriculture Organization. The co-author is Sarah Zaidi, science director of the Center for Social and Economic Rights in New York.

Dr. Fawzi, who surveyed 2,120 children under 10 years of age in 25 neighborhoods in Baghdad in August, said 28 percent were stunted in growth, up from 12 percent in 1991.

In 1991, she said in an interview, rates of malnutrition in Iraq were similar to those in Kuwait. In the paper for The Lancet, she says Iraq has now sunk to the levels of poor developing countries, with underweight rates among children comparable to those in Ghana or Mali.
Continue reading the main story

Continue reading the main story

The percentage of Iraqi children affected by "wasting," or emaciation requiring urgent attention, rose to 12 percent in 1995, from 3 percent in 1991, Dr. Fawzi reported, adding that these figures are extraordinarily high, similar to those found in Malagasy and Myanmar.

Several United Nations agencies, including F.A.O. and Unicef, have expressed concern about the damage being done to Iraqis, especially children, by United Nations economic sanctions. Two years ago, F.A.O. warned that Iraq risked widespread starvation.

The Security Council responded to these concerns earlier this year when it offer Iraq the opportunity to sell $2 billion worth of oil to purchase food and medicines under United Nations supervision, the second such offer in four years. Iraq rejected both as infringements of its sovereignty and has continued to demand an unconditional end to sanctions.

How about this one? ... 7.weekend9
Squeezed to death
Half a million children have died in Iraq since UN sanctions were imposed - most enthusiastically by Britain and the US. Three UN officials have resigned in despair. Meanwhile, bombing of Iraq continues almost daily. John Pilger investigates

Sat 4 Mar 2000 01.37 GMT
First published on Sat 4 Mar 2000 01.37 GMT

Wherever you go in Iraq's southern city of Basra, there is dust. It gets in your eyes and nose and throat. It swirls in school playgrounds and consumes children kicking a plastic ball. "It carries death," said Dr Jawad Al-Ali, a cancer specialist and member of Britain's Royal College of Physicians. "Our own studies indicate that more than 40 per cent of the population in this area will get cancer: in five years' time to begin with, then long afterwards. Most of my own family now have cancer, and we have no history of the disease. It has spread to the medical staff of this hospital. We don't know the precise source of the contamination, because we are not allowed to get the equipment to conduct a proper scientific survey, or even to test the excess level of radiation in our bodies. We suspect depleted uranium, which was used by the Americans and British in the Gulf War right across the southern battlefields."

Under economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council almost 10 years ago, Iraq is denied equipment and expertise to clean up its contaminated battle-fields, as Kuwait was cleaned up. At the same time, the Sanctions Committee in New York, dominated by the Americans and British, has blocked or delayed a range of vital equipment, chemotherapy drugs and even pain-killers. "For us doctors," said Dr Al-Ali, "it is like torture. We see children die from the kind of cancers from which, given the right treatment, there is a good recovery rate." Three children died while I was there.

Six other children died not far away on January 25, last year. An American missile hit Al Jumohria, a street in a poor residential area. Sixty-three people were injured, a number of them badly burned. "Collateral damage," said the Department of Defence in Washington. Britain and the United States are still bombing Iraq almost every day: it is the longest Anglo-American bombing campaign since the second world war, yet, with honourable exceptions, very little appears about it in the British media. Conducted under the cover of "no fly zones", which have no basis in international law, the aircraft, according to Tony Blair, are "performing vital humanitarian tasks". The ministry of defence in London has a line about "taking robust action to protect pilots" from Iraqi attacks - yet an internal UN Security Sector report says that, in one five-month period, 41 per cent of the victims were civilians in civilian targets: villages, fishing jetties, farmland and vast, treeless valleys where sheep graze. A shepherd, his father, his four children and his sheep were killed by a British or American aircraft, which made two passes at them. I stood in the cemetery where the children are buried and their mother shouted, "I want to speak to the pilot who did this."

This is a war against the children of Iraq on two fronts: bombing, which in the last year cost the British taxpayer £60 million. And the most ruthless embargo in modern history. According to Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund, the death rate of children under five is more than 4,000 a month - that is 4,000 more than would have died before sanctions. That is half a million children dead in eight years. If this statistic is difficult to grasp, consider, on the day you read this, up to 200 Iraqi children may die needlessly. "Even if not all the suffering in Iraq can be imputed to external factors," says Unicef, "the Iraqi people would not be undergoing such deprivation in the absence of the prolonged measures imposed by the Security Council and the effects of war."

Through the glass doors of the Unicef offices in Baghdad, you can read the following mission statement: "Above all, survival, hope, development, respect, dignity, equality and justice for women and children." A black sense of irony will be useful if you are a young Iraqi. As it is, the children hawking in the street outside, with their pencil limbs and eyes too big for their long thin faces, cannot read English, and perhaps cannot read at all.

"The change in 10 years is unparalleled, in my experience," Anupama Rao Singh, Unicef's senior representative in Iraq, told me. "In 1989, the literacy rate was 95%; and 93% of the population had free access to modern health facilities. Parents were fined for failing to send their children to school. The phenomenon of street children or children begging was unheard of. Iraq had reached a stage where the basic indicators we use to measure the overall well-being of human beings, including children, were some of the best in the world. Now it is among the bottom 20%. In 10 years, child mortality has gone from one of the lowest in the world, to the highest."

Anupama Rao Singh, originally a teacher in India, has spent most of her working life with Unicef. Helping children is her vocation, but now, in charge of a humanitarian programme that can never succeed, she says, "I am grieving." She took me to a typical primary school in Saddam City, where Baghdad's poorest live. We approached along a flooded street: the city's drainage and water distribution system have collapsed. The head, Ali Hassoon, wore the melancholia that marks Iraqi teachers and doctors and other carers: those who know they can do little "until you, in the outside world, decide". Guiding us around the puddles of raw sewage in the playground, he pointed to the high water mark on a wall. "In the winter it comes up to here. That's when we evacuate. We stay as long as possible, but without desks, the children have to sit on bricks. I am worried about the buildings coming down."

She's another neo con Zionist Jew who loves Israel more than America. She also wants to do away with Syria. Even though Syria is fighting Al-Qeada and ISIS. ... -in-syria/

That's because Israel, America, CIA, and other Jewish crime networks gain financial benefit by funding Al Qeada and ISIS.
Werd wrote:
Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:25 am
User posted comment.
Thanks to USI and Zionists
Dec 23, 2014 9:47 PM
These ISIS/ISIL was created by Saudi, the USI, and IsraHell. These animal fighters are the tools used by their masters to sow discords among Arabs in the ME.The corrupt Saudi government must be overthrown.
This guy knows his shit. People should pick up the following book (as well as others) by Wayne Madsen.

This book, for the first time, suggests that both Israel and Saudi Arabia were intimately involved in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attack on the United States. Both countries, while seemingly enemies, have been longtime secret allies. They share a number of common enemies, including Iran, Shi'a Islam, pan-Arab nationalism, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their intelligence chiefs often meet and conspire in utmost secrecy. The Saudis and Israelis had the motive and the means to cooperate in launching a "false flag" terrorist attack on the United States in order to plunge America into endless conflicts to bolster the positions of Israel and Saudi Arabia. This book tells that story.
When corrupt Americans and Israelis want to make money by funding more radical Islamic psychos in the world and forcing other innocent countries that have no real problem with America (like Syria) to do battle with them, that's just fine. If I'm against government corruption and the spread of militant Islam because of how it kills men women and children, that apparently makes me a racist or a bigot according to DabblingIsSoMuchFun. :roll:

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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by Werd » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:01 am

DabbingIsSoMuchFun wrote:
Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:42 am
John Wear is a proven liar who's nothing but a Hitler apologist through and through with little regards to objectivity.

Now, this website is great! ... n-boredom/
He cites old American war propaganda lies that there was a gas chamber at Dachau. There wasn't. OOPS!

Here's another piece of trash. Apparently people at I.G. Farben knew their product was being used for gas chambers. ... mes-trial/
Too bad that even Jean Claude Pressac admitted that 95% of the Zyklon B tins that were ever ordered for used for proper delousing and disinfestation. On top of that, Germar Rudolf has once again thoroughly refuted the Birkenau gas chamber nonsense with chemistry.

And finally, the third time is the charm. ... fter-1945/
Of course all sane people are well aware that The Final Solution, a term misused by John Wear, was the organised mass murder of European Jews either by overwork or by physical extermination.
No, it was emigration.

Later he tries a dig at Carlos Porter ... bla-again/
but he does it based on this article. ... nsic-sins/
“One of his articles “War Crimes Trials” can be found on the CODOH website. It claims to discuss the 1907 Annex to the Hague Convention dealing with the laws of war, and this essay is so highly regarded in the denier community that it has been cited by deniers as authoritative on the subject of the Hague Convention. A close examination of Porter’s work, however, demonstrates that it is inaccurate both as to the text of the Convention and the conclusions that are derived from the distorted citation”
” Porter’s laconic conclusions are dependent on his edited readings of the text and his factual assumptions. Many of Porter’s unsupported allegations are simply not correct. “
“This brief analysis demonstrates that “War Crimes Trials” is replete with deliberate distortions, fraudulent representations of the text of the Conventions, and factual errors. Porter’s work is not only a failure but a rather dismal one. Porter’s technique of misquotation and factual error would not be tolerated in any legitimate academic community or any other setting where factual accuracy is required. It would never survive the process of legitimate peer review. It is only in the shadow world of the lunatic fringe of those who deny the Holocaust where efforts like “War Crimes Trials” find acceptability. And it is only the credulous and those with a specific agenda who can consider “War Crimes Trials” as either convincing or authoritative.”
I guess I will await all the evidence to show that this stuff happened.
If Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also...........

Steam people to death like lobsters in 10 steam chambers at Treblinka
Zap them to death with mass electrical shocks
Blast them into the twilight zone with atomic bombs
Beat people to death, then carry out autopsies to see why they died
Force people to climb trees, then cut the trees down
Kill 840,000 Russian POWs at Sachsenhausen, and burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens
Bash people's brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, then burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens
Torture and execute people in time to music at the Yanov camp in Russia -- shoot every member of the orchestra
Grind the bones of millions of people in portable bone-grinding machines
Grind the bones of 200 bodies [¾ ton] at one time as described in photographs and documents which have disappeared -- study bone grinding in special 10-day crash-course seminars
Whup people with special spanking machines
(Note that photographs of German leaders, concentration camps, etc., are in full supply, but that photos of bone grinders, portable ovens, etc., have all disappeared)
Make lampshades of human skin
Cut people's heads off and then shrink them -- make pocketbooks and driving gloves for SS officers out of human skin
Paint pornographic pictures on canvasses made of human skin
Bind books in human skin
Make saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, and ladies handbags out of human skin
Drive Jews to cannibalism in all those freight cars
More "scientific experiments" -- another ridiculous accusation -- another bizarre hallucination -- another example of German efficiency
Torture people in specially mass-produced "torture boxes" made by Krupp
Kill people for sleeping in their underwear -- kill people for wearing dirty underwear -- wear underwear stolen from gassed persons -- (didn't they have any underwear in Germany?) -- kill people for having armpit hair -- stuff chairs with human hair -- (an objection from defendant Göring) -- make socks out of human hair -- (actually, the correct translation should be hair-yarn "booties" for U-boat crews) -- (commentary) -- collect seven tons of hair for human sock making -- collect 293 hair bales (net weight seven thousand kilograms) at Auschwitz for mattress stuffing and making hair socks -- gas them to death, then destroy the bodies with quicklime at Auschwitz
Use human ashes for repairing the roads -- mix human ashes with manure and sell it
Burn human bodies using human fat for fuel -- burn human bodies using no fuel at all after removing them from the gas chambers without wearing gas masks -- burn 80,000 bodies in 2 old ovens
Burn human bodies in holes dug in a swampy plain which is frozen in January where it rains and snows constantly and there is mud everywhere -- what did they do when it was raining?
Kill people with poisoned soft drinks -- shoot 135,000 people in Smolensk and bury them Katyn-style -- shoot 200,000 people in the Lisenitz forest -- using the same methods of concealment they used at Katyn
You can go to Porter's website and click each issue to actually see its reproduction in the transcripts.
Will this anti-John Wear blogger and others ever explain why NOT ONE PERSON WHO LIED UNDER OATH AGAINST A GERMAN WAS EVER PUNISHED?
You know what else is in that link? MORE EVIDENCE RUDOLF HOESS WAS TORTURED AND HIS FAMILY BEATEN AND THREATENED. Thus, anything Hoess "confessed to" needs to be taken with a whole pound of salt. It needs some type of scientific confirmation.

Funny how not only in his anti Porter article, but also this one, he talks about Nuremberg easily. Where is his article on the IMT trials? Does he not have one? Could this be why?
Article 19.

The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.


Article 21.

The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.
Whatever the Soviets and Poles claim, it's fact. They don't need to be checked or be ensured to have good support. They say it. That's good enough for us. :lol:
By the way, this jackass who wrote that anti Porter article is named YALE F. EDEIKEN. Porter refutes him in this link.
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Re: John Wear's excellent website

Post by Werd » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:15 am

This dumbass also shoots himself in the foot regarding his treatment of Otto Ohlendorf and the Einsatzgruppen trials he was put through. Two of them in total. ... cide-nope/
The following report is quite damning:
Operational Situation Report USSR No. 111

These were the reasons for the executions carried out by the Kommandos: political officials; plundereres and saboteurs; active Communists and political representatives; Jews who gained their release from prison camps by false statements; agents and informers of the NKVD; persons who by false depositions and witness influencing were instrumental in the deportation of ethnic Germans; Jewish sadism and revenge; undesirable elements; partisans; politruks; danger of plague and epidemics; members of Russian bands; armed insurgents supplying Russian bands; rebels and agitators; drifting juveniles; JEWS IN GENERAL.
“Jews in General” is the key phrase here because it shows how Jews were murdered simply for being Jews. It is easy to see why Holocaust Deniers and Nazi apologists want to discredit these documents as much as possible.
Um, there are many other documents cited in Mattogno's new book which show time and time again Jews are collaborators with the Soviets and partisans. Jews were so hated as Soviet and Bolshevik collaborators, that many times in Latvia and Lithuania, the Einsatzgruppen found many Jews were already murdered by patriotic militias that never forgot how Jews participated in the Bolshevik tortures and murders. The Germans had a basic rule. Don't interfere. If the militia gets too big, reduce and and disarm it so that it doesn't also turn on the Germans.
“Carlo Mattogno has shown that the figures quoted in the Einsatzgruppen reports are inaccurate.”

This issue is explained quite well here: ... o-einsatz/
WRONG! There were exaggerations. ... eMensonges
So the claim that Otto Ohlendorf, who only was associated with Einsatzgruppe D, was somehow able to prevent exaggerations in ALL aspects of the Einsatzgruppen reporting hierarchy is just plain naive and dishonest.
Since the two methods of reporting were used a check on each other, exaggeration or inflation of the reports would have been quite difficult. While it would have been possible to exaggerate the numbers in a single report, it would have been almost impossible to do so on a regular basis. ... o-einsatz/
Ohlendorf retracted his original statement due to undue pressure.

Now as I have admitted elsewhere, there were German excesses. Some children and women were likely shot.
But other times they were spared.

But you can't use non partisan Jews that were shot to mean or prove that ALL shot Jews were like that. Many were male fighters engaged in sabotage, murder and even torture of German soldiers. Reprisals were bound to happen in the theatre of war.

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