Recent revelations on the Hoess family's "British" torturer

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Recent revelations on the Hoess family's "British" torturer

Post by theblackrabbitofinlé » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:29 pm

Thomas Harding reveals in his late-2013 book Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz that his great-uncle—the mastermind behind the capture Hoess—was believed by his family to have been involved in the murder of former Gauleiter Gustav Simon.

The official story is that Alexander was ordered on December 19, 1945 to go to Paderborn prison to pick up Simon and transfer him to Luxembourg to await trial. On his arrival at Paderborn (later the same day), Alexander was informed that Simon had committed suicide the previous day, therefore Alexander took Simon's corpse to Luxembourg (strapped to his car).
There were, however, conflicting reports. Some claimed that Gustav Simon had been alive when Hanns picked him up from Paderborn prison, and that he did not hang himself, as Hanns had written in his field report. Instead, Hanns had then been joined by seven Luxembourg partisans, Captain Leone Muller among them, taken Simon to a forest outside of Paderborn and executed him. Having sworn an oath never to reveal what took place, Hanns was alleged to have covered up the murder, presenting the 'official version' at the press conference the next day in Luxembourg.
endnote, pp. 314-315 wrote:'There were, however, conflicting reports . . .' [sic*] Recently unearthed by a number of Luxembourg historians and investigative journalists, including a long article published by Revue magazine, this version of the death of Gustav Simon is based on evidence discovered within the Luxembourg National Archive, along with testimony provided by many of the people involved. This alternative account is bolstered by various inconsistencies with the official version: why, for instance, if Simon had committed suicide in prison on 18 December 1945, was a death certificate not issued until 8 February 1946, a full two months after his death? Equally, how could a man who was 1.6m high possibly hang himself from a bedpost that was 1.4m high? Even if such a feat was technically possible, how could the guard posted outside his door on suicide watch, for twenty-four hours a day, not have noticed what was taking place inside the cell? Finally, if the suicide had taken place, why had so many people come forward saying that the official version was untrue? According to this 'unofficial account', the murder was motivated either by Luxembourg collaborators, who did not want Simon to reveal their identities in court, or by partisans, angry at Simon's treatment of the Luxembourg nationalists and Jews. When, sixty years later, this alternative account of Gustav Simon's death was sketched out during a meeting of Hanns' nephews, nieces and their spouses, not one person raised an objection. They believed that it was entirely possible that Hanns could have disobeyed a direct order, overseen the extra-judicial killing of a senior Nazi, led the cover-up of the story, and kept the secret hidden ever since. Hanns' nephew Peter Sussmann went further, having spent three years in Luxembourg 1970s and having discussed the Gauleiter's arrest in the with Hanns when he had visited him in Luxembourg: 'He left me with the impression that Gustav Simon was not dead when he picked him up at the prison,' Peter recalled. 'Do I think that Uncle Hanns killed Simon himself? No. He was not the kind of man to do that. He was not stupid; he would have known about the Geneva Convention and, if found out, he would have been put behind bars. But do I think that he could have allowed it to happen? Absolutely yes. He hated those bastards. And if asked which way I would cast my vote, of the two versions? I would go with the partisan story, that Simon was killed in the woods and that Hanns then issued the other story to make it all kosher.'
Thomas Harding, Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz, London: William Heinemann, 2013, p. 219.
[* Harding has a rather unique was of presenting his notes][/size]

According to a member of his own family, the following report by Captain Hanns Alexander (dated 02 Jan 46) which claims that Simon committed suicide is a "story to make it all kosher," or in English: a tissue of lies.


We just wish to point out to the court that is not a signed sworn statement of Dr. Bender but merely a translation of an alleged or purported statement of Dr. Bender, the original of which, like many other things, is not to be found today.
- Defence counsel, Dachau trial, 7 August 1947

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