Sonderkommando Sompolinsky's bottom end up gas chamber

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Re: Sonderkommando Sompolinsky's bottom end up gas chamber

Post by theblackrabbitofinlé » Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:44 am

Below are some bizarre sketches of Crematorium II & III taken from the German original and English translation of the 1945 affidavit of German communist Fritz Putzker.
From Auschwitz I was sent on in Jan 44 to the branch camp in Birkenau to do duties as "Obercapo" in charge of the "Effekten Kammer" and the decontamination centre (Sauna). Birkenau was the biggest anilation [sic] camp of all times. There itself 5 - 6 million people were killed off from 1942 until its final evacuation. I can justify to it as [an] eyewitness.

- Fritz Putzker
In 1964 he appeared as a prosecution witness at the Frankfurt-Auschwitz trial.

We just wish to point out to the court that is not a signed sworn statement of Dr. Bender but merely a translation of an alleged or purported statement of Dr. Bender, the original of which, like many other things, is not to be found today.
- Defence counsel, Dachau trial, 7 August 1947

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