And nows the classifieds football results

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And nows the classifieds football results

Post by AirfixGeneral » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:57 pm

Auschwitz Academicals 1 Colditz Corinthians 0

Sobibor Strollers 0 Partizans Belzec 1

Sporting Clubs Trezblinki 2 Chelmnos Town 0

FC Birkenaus 1 Red Bulls Monowitz 1

Israel 6 millions Germanys 0 ( match abandonds at half times due to incidents in showers )

Dresden Blaze 3 Royal Air Force 30,000

Nurembergs 0 Rest of World celebrity XI eleventy nines ( all penalties and own goals)

And thats was the classifieds scores, sponsoreds by Cuprex . gooden nit

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