Trolling and Gibberish (AUG 2018)

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Re: Trolling and Gibberish (AUG 2018)

Post by NSDAP » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:43 am

Nessie wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:32 am
NSDAP wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:07 am
I think we must all realise how hard it is to get to know something, how easy it is to be mistaken and to fool ourselves; how easy it is to make mistakes.
When it comes to history and social science the task is even more daunting due to conflicting ideas and experiments which conflict at times. This is confounded when a similar group of people attenuate together to form ideas that are enacted, promulgate to become normal in the eyes of most( especially without consultation). One must ask if it is a "black op" and deception or lack of cognizance. When an idea supports financially and politically the same group of people who formulated those ideas, serious questions should be asked about the sincerity and integrity of that group of people. This becomes more overwhelming when one class, or race of people ride over another. For the lesser class this often becomes a matter of struggle and survival.
With all those conflicting ideas, need for financial support (good point), political motivations (especially during the Cold War) etc, it is not credible to claim a hoax has been perpetrated such that all evidence of mass Jewish survival rather than gassing has been hidden.
We are not blaming Jude, we are blaming a few people; those who control the money. The golden rule is those who have the gold make the rules. A bit crass but that is essentially the point. Those who had huge wealth, had the will and the political motivation to create this gigantic ponzi scheme called capitalism which relies on growth, used the carrot and stick method, favouritism and exclusion to somewhat bad consequences. This is why Russia today is pulling out of the world economy as we know it.
Der wahre Retter der Menschheit ist unser Anführer. Ohne den Führer wären wir alle Staub.


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