Antisemitism and Revisionism

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Antisemitism and Revisionism

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It has always been intriguing that any part of history can be examined, revised and discussed with vigorous debate except for one topic; that is the alleged Holocaust, where it is claimed that 6 million Juden were murdered by the National Socialists and their allies.
Ordinary people are pressured by thought control attempts should they even examine or question the possibility that the alleged holocaust did not happen as claimed, any that do are immediately called "deniers", Nazis and antisemitic.

Such tactics are clearly expressed in items such as the one from the Guardian that says:
The horrors of the Holocaust became the primary roadblock to the resurrection of fascism’s besmirched ideology. Many on the far right believed then, as they do now, that if fascism was ever to rise again then the truth of the Holocaust had to be destroyed.

Here it is clear this is written by Habiru Jude who claim that the alleged holocaust was a fact, it was horrible and inspired by right wing fascism; the intention being to allow fascism to rise.

As stated many times here Nationalsozialismus is not fascist nor right wing nor is it particularly antisemitic, except to say it did express the will of the people at the time who had fears of Jude. What were those fears? Very basically put it was a fear of a people who in the past had proven themselves to be totally unreliable and untrustworthy to the point where they had to be evicted. It was the Jüdisch attitude that made them Untermensch, not their race or religion. Attitude was thought at the time to be closely correlated with race so that was the means of their identification.

Antisemitism must come as a realization that as an attitude Judaism as practiced as a religion is not an issue, nor is it a racial problem but the combination of religion, race and Untermensch attitude along with the resulting lies and distortions of truth one can see immediately there is a problem with these people.

There are two possibilities:
  1. There was a Holocaust where a huge number of innocent people, Juden, Romani and others were murdered by gassing, shooting, deliberate starvation, cruelty by die Nationalsozialisten who were fascist scum.
  2. There was no holocaust premeditated by Nationalsozialisten who by nature are caring socialists but forced into a war where millions died, not only juden. Juden are distorting the truth by falsification of statistical data and fake witness accounts to promote their own political agenda. The Nationalsozialist people were framed and demonized.
To compare and contrast the two views is in my opinion not antisemitic, but if the second option is the correct one then the antisemitic claim is Jude attempting to use mind control to further advance their fake claims of impropriety on their behest.

For option 1, there are only eye witness accounts and adminicles. Most of the eyewitness accounts are totally discredited. There is not one shred of physical evidence to support their claims. This is why adherents to this are called "hoaxers'

For option 2, this is the purpose of such forums as this to discuss. Those who reject option 1 are called "deniers".

Either Juden are correct and they were Holocausted or they are lying and deliberately misrepresenting the facts, influencing laws to enhance their ability to lie and continue to lie. They do not wish to be caught out lying, even though they have been.

In reality this alleged holocaust is just another example of what Juden have done for most of their existence, lie. They faked religions, betrayed those who trusted them. The truth seems to be the alleged holocaust is just a continuation of their modus operandi. This modus operandi of betrayal, abuse of power is why they have been evicted from most countries of the world for much of the worlds history. The alleged holocaust is just another example of jüdisch impropriety.
If juden are lying, then the actions we see fit in with that of scam artists: abuse,name calling; the trolls here, the Habiru fit that pattern exactly. If they are lying then antisemitism is the only proper course of action a thinking person could do; it is not the race, the religion but a shunning of innate liars and corruptors; the world has changed due to these potential lies and many honest people were villainized. Honest people who are real victims have nothing to hide as the evidence should be clearly apparent.

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