So many liberals STILL DON'T GET IT!!!

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So many liberals STILL DON'T GET IT!!!

Post by Werd » Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:33 am

If you're an ex Muslim, WHITE LIBERALS WILL TRY TO SILENCE YOU BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU ARE A BIGOT OR A SELF HATER OR A DEFAMER OF YOUR PREVIOUS RELIGION. These white liberals know you and your past and your religion and your country and your culture better than you. White liberals are actually white supremacists, just of a different bent.

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Samir Mashghoul
Thank you Sam, Ritchard and Bill for saying what we want to say.
I am an ex-Muslim living in a Muslim country. I must pretend to be Muslim and keep silent to protect my life. If my online comments were discovered I could be killed, or at least imprisoned and separated from my children for life, but those regressive lefties don't have the balls to say a word about me or millions of people oppressed by Islam and Sharia Law (apostates, gays, women, all religious minorities)

And worse, if someone in the world tries to support us and attack this evil ideology, those fucken regressive lefties like Ben Aflek would yell at him to keep him silent. How could the Muslim world hear a different opinion about their religious backward ideology if no one in the west is talking about it ??? And of course no one in Muslim world could ever talk because he risks losing his life. I am too much disappointed in those regressive liberals who are effectively betraying all liberal values because they are too coward. In fact western liberals are failing middle east liberals, including Liberal Muslims who are trying to reform the religion.

I was once a devout Muslim, I used to believe in this horrific sharia law and even demand it to be applied more effectively in my county. Thanks to brave people like Sam Haris and Bill Mahr, they managed to convince me of their civilized opinion. They offended me at first, but later I could see they are correct. Now, I feel sorry for my devot Muslim friends and neighbors who are good poeple believing in evil things because they have never heard a counter argument.

I am an ex-Muslim and yes to hell with their culture!!!
It is really sad that people with the mentality of Nessie, Montgomery2 and other regressive liberals would actually dare to dox these types of people all out of some "crusade" to expose racism and Islamophobia, when all they really are doing is patting themselves on the back, convincing themselves what good non-racists, non-Nazis they are. It's better that ex Muslim apostates in the west be put in danger from doxing, and also being forced to live next to the people they came to the west to flee (mass immigration). That is really how the sick, regressive liberal mind thinks.

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