Israel is to become a Jewish Ethno State

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Israel is to become a Jewish Ethno State

Post by Charles Traynor » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:48 pm

Israel is for all intents and purposes already a Jewish ethno nationalist state. However, this new legislation tidies things up legally and sounds the death knell for the poor long suffering Palestinian people.

Israeli parliament endorses 'nation-state bill' for first reading

Key Knesset committee approves final draft of 'Zionism's flagship bill' defining Israel exclusively as nation for Jews.

by Jonathan Cook
15 Mar 2018

The Basic Law paves the way for Israel's right-wing government to consolidate and expand the annexation of occupied Palestinian lands [Reuters]

Nazareth, Israel - After seven years of delays, the Israeli governing parties have agreed the final terms of controversial new legislation that would define Israel exclusively as "the nation-state of the Jewish people".

The bill is now expected to be fast-tracked through the Israeli parliament and on to the statute books in the coming weeks.
Approval by the parliament's justice committee this week of the Basic Law, which carries much greater weight than normal legislation, marks a dangerous turning-point for Palestinians, according to analysts.

Amir Ohana, the committee's chair, called it the "law of all laws", while a government minister termed it "Zionism's flagship bill".

Full article here
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