Should we revise history or walk into another future

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Should we revise history or walk into another future

Post by NSDAP » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:26 am

We are all here revising the past and not accepting the official version of the "truth". Why on Earth are we doing this? For us, as National Socialists we do it because our familial stories speak of another truth, and see another distinct perspective. For 80 years or so the official holocaust history was taught, in movies which conflicted with what I knew about my upbringing, my family and love of my country. To me the official story was a lie: either my parents were lying or the movies were propaganda: as a kid I had then to decide; I chose on my parents. I have family in Scotland and Ireland who still talk passionately about the conflicts of their past; they still speak of the "Oranges" walking through Dublin with great disdain. This is 100s of years after that initial conflict. Are we in the same boat? Do we need also to revise IRA history and that of Scotland and Ireland? To me anyhow, it would seem that many people in the world are hating each other for what seems stupid ideological stupidity. We as human beings are much more the same than we realize: most of our differences are mere illusions. I might disagree with you on this forum but for the most part we all agree to be polite and talk: much of the world does not do this.
Is it necessary to revise history, forget about the past or do we just walk into another future and help shape that one for the better, use the brilliant intellect I see here and help to make a better world for all in the present, and potentially in the future. NSDAP

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