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Re: Random Third Reich Images & Discussion

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On V.E. day 1945, an American controlled airbase had planned an American military parade with an American aviation flyover.
While they were waiting suddenly Luftwaffe Ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel and his squadron of Stukas and 190's flew over. Rudel had decided he was going to surrender to the Americans rather than the Soviets. So he had contacted the American Air traffic control and warned them he was on his way to surrender so not to be alarmed, nor open fire.
But... The Yank-controlled aerodrome didn't get the message. So consequently when instead of the anticipated flight of unarmed Yank 'Thunderbolt' planes, a squadron containing easily identifiable dreaded Stukas flew over, there was some panic and many American soldiers started to run for cover fearing this was a final act of war.
Hans-Ulrich Rudel and his squad flew over the parade and then proceeded to crash land all their planes on the runway so that they did not deliver usable planes/weaponry.
Rudel spoke excellent English and refused to vacate his crashed plane until after a commanding officer had arrived to accept his surrender and escort him to the barracks. And when he walked past the remaining assembled men on parade with his one remaining leg and crutches, he thanked them and their Commanding Officer for the grand reception! :)

What a great way to end his exemplary war record of distinguished combat.

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