A Jew confesses Jewry's "pro immigration" sins

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Re: A Jew confesses Jewry's "pro immigration" sins

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Two clips from David Cole/Stein.

https://www.takimag.com/article/a-bleak ... -for-jews/
And last week, Krazy Kohen issued a press release slamming one of my Takimag columns as “racist and anti-Semitic,” while demanding the removal of the Tennessee judge who’s being hounded for posting it. Representative Cohen, a.k.a. “Colonel Slanders,” is the creator of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, which apparently memorializes all the Holocaust victims murdered by Tennesseans (“Nevah forget the Gräcelandt camp…the woist camp of all!”). Cohen singled out one segment of my April 2 column, in which I opined that Jews need to “get the f— over the Holocaust” (I’m watching my cussing this week as a favor to a friend).

In the massive controversy that, for two weeks now, has dogged the judge who posted that column (a controversy that’s led to pieces in the AP, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and damn near everywhere else), it’s that one phrase—“get the f— over the Holocaust”—that’s continually singled out as proof of my “racism and anti-Semitism.”

So, let’s talk about that phrase.

Now, I absolutely think the column speaks for itself, but only one of the dozens of journalists who covered the story actually linked to it; the other hacks didn’t trust their readers to view it for themselves. Here’s the abstract: The fear of being Holocausted by whites is driving the Jewish community to suicidal self-destructiveness. As I wrote in January 2018, the “healthy, virile hate” that Elie Wiesel counseled all Jews to forever cling to regarding the wrongs done to them during the Holocaust has metastasized into something truly destructive. An overwhelming number of U.S. Jews support flooding the nation (and the West in general) with Third World immigrants. Not in their specific communities, of course, but in the parts of the country that are seen as being too dangerously white.

If I could trace the origin of my essay, I’d go back to 1987, when I read a Heritage Foundation paper by Joshua Haberman, former senior rabbi of the Washington Hebrew Congregation (Reform) and president of the Foundation for Jewish Studies. The paper, titled “The Bible Belt Is America’s Safety Belt,” cautioned Jews to stop being so paranoid about white Christian Americans. I corresponded briefly with the good rabbi, who told me he was becoming increasingly alarmed by the paranoid streak he was seeing in some Jews, an irrational fear that white Christian Americans, if allowed to congregate in large numbers, would one day start slaughtering Jews again for no other reason than biological and theological imperative. Haberman aptly dismissed that notion as hogwash.

Sadly, that irrational fear has only grown over time. I doubt I’d ever seen it as strong as when Trump got elected (“He’s going to gas us all!”). It didn’t matter that throughout his life, Trump had always been a friend to the Jews. And it doesn’t matter now how many times Trump as president has veered from his agenda in order to do a solid for Israel. Nope…he’s still Hitler.

That’s why “irrational fear” has the word “irrational” in it.

I argued in my column that the obsessive support Jewish Americans give to unchecked Third World immigration harms Jews as much as anyone else, because it gives us Jew-haters like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

“Get the f— over the Holocaust” was meant to sound harsh, because the gentle prodding guys like Rabbi Haberman employed didn’t work.

Let me try to put it in very personal terms. As my regular readers know, in late January of this year, my father, an 83-year-old veteran, passed away due to hospital error. It’s been almost four months now, and I’m far from over it. When my mom died in 2015, I was able to be at peace with it, because her death was natural. No one caused it, no one was to blame, and she died from a disease for which there’s no cure. I accepted it as part of the natural course of events.

But my dad? People were to blame, and at one of the supposedly “best” hospitals in the U.S. So in his case, there’s sadness and anger. And right now, if anyone were to tell me to “get the f— over it,” I’d break their nose. But okay, indulge me in a hypothetical. I don’t have kids (thank heaven), but say I did. Say I had a big family. And say it’s 2029 and I’m neglecting my wife and kids and just generally being destructive to myself and those around me, and anytime anyone calls me out on it, I snap, “My father died unnecessarily! I have every right to indulge in grief.”

You know what a good friend would tell me in that situation? “Get the f— over it. It’s been ten years. Your anger, your bitterness, is ruining your life and the lives of those who love you. It’s time to get past it.”

I dare you to say that isn’t the best advice I could receive in that situation.

Well, that’s the advice I’m giving my fellow Jews. It’s been 75 years since the Holocaust. And that stubborn, pervasive “virile hate” is helping to forge a bleak future for us all. If Jews think they can forever stay immune to the effects of the Third Worlding of America, well, open your damn eyes. Or just look at the situation in France. How are Jews doing over there since Muslim immigrants began pouring in? Better? Or worse? “We must support immigration because the West must never again return to the white supremacy of old.” Hey, if you didn’t like the historical West, wait till your kids experience the future one, with Muslim majorities in major European nations, and an America awash in Third Worlders who dismiss Jews as white and the Holocaust as a “white on white” problem.

I live in Beverly Hills. Whites (Jewish and gentile) and prosperous Persian Jews are the majority here. We don’t have gangs, we don’t have drug houses and welfare hotels, and we don’t have areas that are unsafe to walk in at night.

But California’s governor, Stalin Newsom, with the support of pretty much every Jewish Democrat in Sacramento, is in the process of forcing us to build low-income Section 8 housing for indigent immigrants. And how are we handling it? Take a guess. In March, our mayor, John Mirisch, compared Newsom and the Sacramento Dems to Haman, one of the greatest villains in Jewish history. He urged a packed, cheering crowd of Purim revelers to use their graggers—noisemakers used at Purim to blot out the name of Haman to show our contempt—to similarly blot out the names of Newsom and the other Sacramento politicians.

I can’t stress this enough: In Jewish history, Haman is considered even worse than Hitler, and the mayor of Beverly Hills compared Newsom to Haman. All because he’s trying to force us to import slums and slum dwellers.

To be crystal clear, I’m on the mayor’s side. The difference is, I’m also on the side of every community in this nation that’s facing similar politically motivated, government-enforced debasement. We don’t have MS-13 here in Beverly Hills, and I don’t want you to have it, either. We don’t have Jew-hating, antiwhite, African Muslim extremists here in Beverly Hills, and I don’t want you to have them, either.

But people like Mirisch only oppose “Section 8 multiculturalism” when it impacts their Jewish constituency. Where’s that righteous Hebraic outrage when white Christians in North Dakota or Minnesota or Maine are ordered to take in a bunch of foreigners with no ties to the community and completely different beliefs and ethics, because “diversity will make you stronger!”?

“You,” not us. Try to import “diversity” to our communities? You’re Haman!

And yes, I do think a lot of this has to do with Elie Wiesel’s “virile hate” over the Holocaust. “Damn lousy white Christians…they deserve to have their communities diluted.” The problem is, Jews will not be spared by the immigration monster we’re helping to create. That was the point of the essay that Congressman Cohen felt such a strong need to denounce.

Over at HuffPost UK, Laura Marks OBE, former senior vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, slammed my position because (a) obsessive Holocaust remembrance is needed to promote diversity and encourage tolerance of immigrants, and (b) it’s also needed to fight the rising tide of anti-Jewish hate crimes in the U.K…a near majority of which are committed by immigrants. Do you see the lunacy there? “We need Holocaust remembrance to bring in immigrants, and we need Holocaust remembrance to battle the hate crimes committed by the immigrants we bring in.”

That is not sane.

To be sure, many “conservative” Jews would probably denounce my column too. Pundits like Beanie Baby Benny Shapiro love telling blacks to “get over” slavery. “Get over it! You got welfare; that’s your reparations. Be thankful, and move on” (they say this even as they also claim that welfare has wrecked the black community). Compare welfare to what Jews got after the Holocaust. We got stuff that no group that has suffered a similar catastrophe has ever received. The leaders who tormented us were put to death. Thousands of accomplices were beaten and killed, and those who got away were hunted for decades. The nation that authored our woes was subjected to several years of terror under a revenge plan hatched by FDR’s Jewish treasury secretary. Millions of women were raped by occupying forces, and thousands of civilians were tortured by Jews in “vengeance camps.” The offending nation was split in two. Half of it was tormented for over forty years by communist oppression, and in the other half, we got to rewrite their schoolbooks and dictate their politics. And today, that nation imprisons anyone who insults us or our Holocaust. We got perpetual reparations up the wazoo, we got Israel, and we have museums and commissions that commemorate our suffering in every major city in the U.S., a country that had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

But still that’s not enough. We’re pissed that some Nazis got away. “Yes, Nazis were executed and tortured, but some came here and worked for NASA. OY!”

The hubris. Most persecuted peoples get zero justice. We got, let’s say, 85% justice, and it’s still not enough. Rather than being satisfied, we bitch about the few instances in which we feel robbed. Meanwhile, where’s any justice for the victims of Mao? Leopold? Stalin?

We got justice, and we got revenge, in a world in which most persecuted groups get neither. So let’s move on, and stop punishing the West by using the Holocaust as a tool to promote mass immigration.

That is sound advice. And we Jews ignore it at our peril.

One more.
https://www.takimag.com/article/stop-wi ... s-already/

Stop With the Golems, Already!

by David Cole feed-32x32.png

April 02, 2019

We Jews love our golems. We’ve been loving our golems for thousands of years, and what a strife-free history we have to show for it! In case you’re unfamiliar with the golem fable, I’ll give you the CliffsNotes edition. There’s no one single version of the story, and each retelling might alter certain details, but the unchanging basic narrative is this: Jews are being threatened by Gentiles (no, really?), so a rabbi obsessed with protecting his people builds a giant humanoid monster out of clay (or mud) and brings it to life to defend his beloved shtetl (or village, or kosher deli).

Once the main threat has been defeated, the rabbi, in his lust for vengeance, can’t stop using his golem to right real or imagined wrongs. Soon enough, the golem starts attacking Jews. The monster has now turned its ire on the very people it was built to serve, and the rabbi is forced to battle his own creation.

Get the irony? Because it’s about as subtle as a Buddy Hackett routine. The hellish creature the Jews conjure for their salvation ends up turning on them. A people blinded by fear and paranoia create a demon that metastasizes and grows beyond their control.

It’s been four thousand years. Can we please finally start acting like we’ve learned the lesson of that story?

What is Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar if not a golem? For decades, leftist Jews have been the biggest boosters of flooding the West with Third World immigrants. “Hey, here’s a plan—let’s dump a hundred thousand Somalis in the whitest parts of the U.S. That’ll save us from Fargo Hitler!” Inundating the West with nonwhite immigrants is seen by Jews as an insurance policy against “white supremacy.” The idea is that these immigrants will act as a wedge, diluting “white power” while remaining small enough in numbers to be manageable.

Jews have done this elsewhere—playing two groups against each other as a way of assuring Jewish security. “Let’s play Hamas against the Palestinian Authority. Let’s play ISIS against Assad.” To be fair, this is not a uniquely Jewish strategy. Arguably, the British did this kind of thing to perfection during their colonization craze, playing different ethnic groups and castes against each other for their own benefit. But for people who pride themselves on having an abnormally high IQ, we Jews can be among the most retarded of geniuses, because that strategy no longer works. It used to work when the masterminds, be they Brits or colonial Americans (playing different Indian tribes against each other), could control the flow of information. But today we live in a world in which even the lowliest bark-eater in the Kalahari can have internet access. It’s not as easy to fool entire groups of people anymore (individuals, sure, but not an entire race, ethnicity, or faction). I don’t care how little one might think of Third World intellectual acuity; even a dog will eventually figure out that you’re not really going to throw the ball after ten or twenty fake-outs.

And now we Jews, so worried that Minnesota might become the Frozen Fourth Reich if left in the hands of evil whites, have created for ourselves a good old-fashioned golem in Ilhan Omar (and a bunch of other Third World freshman congressthingies). Yeah, Omar hates whites. Yeah, she thinks “white supremacy” lurks behind every glass of milk and “OK” finger sign. But she hates Jews a hell of a lot more. And here are my people—my brilliant retards—now forced to defeat the monster they created, a monster not only brought about by Jewish-backed policies, but one that mirrors Jewish rhetoric like a pro.

Jews: “Oy vey! Omar’s criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic!”
Omar: “Inshallah! Your criticism of my criticism of Israel is Islamophobic!”
Jews: “Your criticism of our criticism of your criticism of Israel is anti-Jewish!”
Omar: “Your criticism of my criticism of your criticism of my criticism of Israel is anti-Muslim!”
Jews: “Your criticism of our criticism of your criticism of our criticism of your criticism of Israel will lead to mass shootings of Jews like what happened in Pittsboig!”
Omar: “Your criticism of my criticism of your criticism of my criticism of your criticism of my criticism of Israel will lead to mass shootings of Muslims like what happened in New Zealand!”

Peas in a pod. And who could have seen that coming? Only every fucking Jew in the world who ever read the golem story.

The reaction of Muslims to the New Zealand shooting has been fascinating to observe. The exploitation of the tragedy, the calls for censorship and suppression of political views, the guilting of “all whites” over something one dude did…Jews could not have done a better job. This is Yo-Yo Ma-level shit, outsiders learning the sheet music of a different culture and performing it better than the originators. In the words of Sato from Karate Kid II, “The student has become the teacher.”

Muslim terrorists murdered twenty Filipino Christians as they attended services in their church two months ago, and do you recall the response from local Muslim leaders? Was it “We must address the anti-Christian bigotry in our community?” Or “We must stand in solidarity with our Christian countrymen?” Nope. It was “Well, to stop us from killing more Christians, let us carve a Muslim-only autonomous region in the country.” That’s literally like whites responding to the New Zealand massacre by saying, “Well, the solution is to keep New Zealand white and Christian. If we don’t have to mix, we won’t have any more race- or religion-based mass shootings.”

How do you think the media would have responded to that? Or the U.N.? Or most Western politicians? But in fact, the world response (and the response from media organs like CNN and the BBC) to the Muzz demand was essentially “Yes! Yes! Give them an autonomous region, so that they needn’t mix with those damn Christians.”

This is a point that bears repeating: A white Christian kills a bunch of Muslims in New Zealand, and the response is “More diversity! More mixing! Force them damn intolerant whiteys to get along, or jail their asses as racists.” Muslims in the Philippines massacre a bunch of Christians, and the response is “Let the Muslims be autonomous! Let them live free of mixing, free of diversity! Let them never have to see another Christian again!”

What we’ve witnessed in the aftermath of the New Zealand shooting is the full maturation of the golem. It doesn’t need instructions from the rabbi anymore. I realized that when I saw a couple of college-age Muzz bimbos berating Chelsea Clinton at a vigil for the New Zealand victims. According to the harassers (who were rewarded for their efforts with a BuzzFeed column), Chelsea’s criticism of Ilhan Omar’s views on Israel “led” to the slaughter in New Zealand.

A murderous Aussie troll mows down Kiwi Muzzies, leaving behind a 74-page manifesto outlining his reasons, not one of which has anything to do with Chelsea Clinton, and yet some ground-level Muzz agitators successfully manage to steer the conversation toward the completely unrelated topic of Clinton vs. Omar as a way of silencing any criticism of the latter’s anti-Israel views.

That is some ADL-worthy shit right there. I mean that. Grudging respect to the Muslims on this one; they may be detestable, but you gotta admire the skill. Abe Foxman in his prime could not have done better.

I think I can best chart the evolution of the golem by recalling the February 2011 Lara Logan sexual assault. CBS reporter Logan was covering the “Arab Spring” in Tahrir Square in Egypt when a bunch of elated Muslim Brotherhood thugs sexually assaulted her. The Brotherhood’s beloved “mufti,” Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, was a well-known advocate of rape (I mean literally, he was in favor of rape). So after Logan’s rape at the hands of al-Qaradawi’s goons, one would think the blame would fall first on the rapists, and second on their rape-happy spiritual leader. But no! Suzi Parker, a self-proclaimed “anti-redneck” white writing for AOL/HuffPost, put the blame squarely where it really belonged: on Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter! See, within the previous year, Palin had popularized the term “lamestream media,” and Coulter had recently mocked the press during her appearance at CPAC. So of course the rape was the fault of Palin and Coulter, and not the actual rapists or their pro-rape guru.

“Journalist” (and NYU fellow) Nir Rosen, a self-proclaimed “anti-Israel Jew,” added that the reasons for Logan’s rape were irrelevant anyway, because she had it coming for being a “warmonger.”

The unifying factor in the media’s response to the sexual assault was that the Muzzies were not to blame. They were influenced by a white Christian failed vice presidential candidate from Alaska who they’d never heard of (does “lamestream” even translate to Arabic?), and a popular white Christian pundit and author who gave a speech in Orlando to a group they’d never heard of. And besides, they were justified in their rapery because if evil “warmonger” babes don’t deserve a gang bang, who does?

Yet looking back on that 2011 incident, it’s clear that Muslims still had to rely on self-hating whites and self-loathing Jews to do the rationalizing for them. Not so post-New Zealand. The skilled exploitation of the mass shooting, the campaign to attack and silence people who had nothing to do with the killer or his motives, is coming from Muslims. They’ve learned from the best, and now they’re doin’ it for themselves.

FUBU: “For Ummah By Ummah.”
Jews should be particularly afraid of their new Islamic golems. Muzzies might not be smarter than Jews, but they’re stronger and more numerous, and their level of “batshit crazy” is off the charts. Of all the golems the Hebraic high-IQ dunces have created—from the communist state they helped birth in 1917, which later turned on them, to the integration craze they helped create here in the U.S., which now forces them to flee public schools—the Muzz golem has the potential to be the most destructive one yet.

In a perfect world, these rabbinical Rain Men would finally get the fuck over the Holocaust and end their war of hostility against the West. They’d see that whites are no longer the enemy, but indeed the opposite. They’d see that importing foreign mud to mold golem after golem in traditionally white regions of the U.S. is bad strategy.

But the world isn’t perfect, and Jews are our dumbest geniuses. It’ll take a lot more than one or two Ilhan Omars to make them rethink their views. Hell, if the exodus of French Jews from a France now infested with immigrant golems hasn’t altered their thinking, nothing will.

New generations of Jews will continue to read the golem story and learn nothing from it.

We Jews are master storytellers. Trouble is, we prefer telling ’em to understanding ’em. And that’s both frustrating and tragic.

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