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Re: Requests or Complaints Requiring Moderation

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:46 am
by Blogbuster
Depth Check wrote:BB, whilst I agree that the forum would benefit from having some high calibre historians joining the debate, I have decided to move the thread in question to Siberian Exile. We’ve had a few peaceful months here recently and I don’t want to risk a flame war breaking out in the Lounge.

Hopefully having their limitations pointed out to them by a fellow Believer will spur our current team of exterminationists to raise the level of their game.

DC i rephrased the post in question and consider it a legitimate post for the lounge, there is no references to these detractors, and they are being ignored by me in that thread. If they flame it they should be treated as trolls. Trying to up the forums quality of membership and the debate discussions is on the best interest of Rodoh and i am sure the Revisionist members would appreciate new thoughts, and new arguments just as much as those of us who believe in the holocaust narrative would prefer to see much better arguments made and not be connected to that other riff raff.

Peace would be nice and is always preferable, but its tough to achieve with people of low class who choose not to exhibit any self restraint and decorum in the forum.