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Re: Treblinka

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:42 am
by rollo the ganger
Been There,

Where did you find this picture:


Nessie might be interested in it.

Also, I noticed the caption says:
Discharge papers Sept. 1943 for a Polish worker at Treblinka 2 ‘Zwangsarbeitslager’ (Forced-labour camp)
I never heard anyone refer to Treblinka 2 as a ‘Zwangsarbeitslager’ (Forced-labour camp). Treblinka 1 I have.

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Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:00 am
by been-there
Treblinka 2, the Höfle telegram and how that relates
to the Sturdy-Colls archeological 7-year research

Sturmbannführer Hermann Höfle

The Höfle telegram, as intercepted, decoded and typed-up by the codebreakers at Bletchley Park, England.

13/15. OLQ de OMQ — 1005 — 83 234 250
To the commander of the Security Police, for the attention of SS Obersturmbannführer Heim at Krakow.

Reference: radiogram from there.
Recorded arrivals until 31st December 1942,
L 12,761
B 0
S 515
T 10,335
Totaling 23,611.

Situation [ ... ] 31st December 1942,
L 24,733
B 434,508
S 101,370,
T 71,355
Totaling 1,274,166

[from] SS and police leader of Lublin, Sturmbannführer HÖFLE.
The above is a top secret radiogram sent to SS Obersturmbannführer Heim in Krakow Poland from the city of Lublin Poland by SS Sturmbannführer Hermann Höfle on 11th January 1943.

T is thought to refer to the camp at Treblinka. Though it could have represented the camps of Theresienstadt or Trawniki or Trostenets or...

Then the figure of 71,355 is thought to be an error as it doesn't match the intercepted and decoded total, so an extra 5 is added making it 713,555.
Of course the error of decryption could have been in any of the other intercepted and decrypted figures or in the decrypted total. But that wouldn't fit the already decided conclusion.
In other words, both these represent yet more examples of the confirmation bias that informs all official ‘holocaust research’.

But let's assume — for the sake of moving an analysis of the holocaust narrative forward — that T does stand for Treblinka and that there was a 5 omitted from the figure of Jews transported there in the second week of the second half of December. And that the final figure of 71,355 is a total of ALL Jews transported to Treblinka by the end of 31st December 1942 that SHOULD have been 713,555.

Thus, the intercepted communication from Höfle is supposed to be proof that 10,355 Jews were transported to the camp at Treblinka 2 and murdered there in the second half of December 1942 which brought the total of Jews murdered at Treblinka 2 up until the end of 1942 to a total of 713,555.


I shall leave aside the possibility that in reality this communication perhaps only indicates the number of Jews transited through the camp up until that time.

I shall also temporarily leave aside the fact that Jewish people WERE transported to the labour-camp Treblinka 1 during this time (which no-one ever seems to calculates into the mix).

For the sake of this discussion of the archeological research led by Caroline Sturdy-Colls, I shall also leave aside the fact that there were Jews alive in the 1970's who recorded — on film — their personal testimony of being transported to Treblinka 2, fed there, forced to shower there, given new clothes there before being transited further on to Lublin and elsewhere. I.e. we shall leave aside evidence showing that some Jews delivered here were not murdered in an extermination camp but disinfected at a transit camp.

Eye-witnesses claim that cremations of gassed Jews did not occur at Treblinka until 1943. The consensus narrative is that prior to that time ALL the Treblinka-holocausted Jews were buried in mass-graves or pits.
Which means that according to the currently enforced Holocaust narrative, 713,555 corpses had been buried somewhere in the camp by the time of the Höfle radiogram.

How does this fit with the conclusions regarding ground disturbance reached by Caroline Sturdy-Colls and her archeological research team?

[ be continued...]

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Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:32 am
by been-there
[...continued from above...]

Treblinka 2, the Höfle telegram and how that relates
to the Sturdy-Colls archeological 7-year research

Here are the pits Caroline Sturdy Coll identified in her archeological research at T2:


At the Treblinka 1 penal work camp, the Soviets found 105 bodies in a grave with an effective volume of 75 m3.
That is 1.4 bodies per cubic metre. The Soviet medical expert Piotrowski, in his first calculation of the content of the mass graves, set a figure of 3 bodies per cubic metre*.
*Treblinka: extermination camp or transit camp? By Carlo Mattogno and Jürgen Graf. Pg 137

Here is an admission by Sturdy Colls that appeared on a BBC website:
Caroline Sturdy Colls wrote:“The existence of mass graves was known about [claimed] from witness testimony, but the failure to provide persuasive physical evidence led some to question whether it could really be true that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed here.
...I began my work at Treblinka in 2010. This revealed the existence of a number of pits across the site.
Some may be the result of post-war looting, prompted by myths of buried Jewish gold, but several larger pits were recorded in areas suggested by witnesses as the locations of mass graves and cremation sites.
One is 26m long, 17m wide and at least four metres deep, with a ramp at the west end and a vertical edge to the east.
Another five pits of varying sizes and also at least this deep are located nearby. Given their size and location, there is a strong case for arguing that they represent burial areas...”
Here she tacitly admits that even after her years of research, there is no conclusive proof of mass-graves commensurate with burial of over 700,000 Jewish 'holocaust' victims.

The largest pit she discovered was 26m x 17m.
She claimed it was “at least four metres deep”. If we are generous and assume a pit depth of 6m, that gives an area of 2,652 cubic metres.

2,652 cubic meters divided by 3 corpses per cubic metre = space for 7,956 corpses.

If we assume the depth of the burial pit was a highly improbable 12 metres deep the figure is doubled but is still only space for 16,000 corpses.

If we double that again and presume the bodies were more tightly packed and included children — so presuming 6 corpses per cubic metre — even then that still only allows for 32,000 corpses.
If we are to believe the Höfle radiogram figures represent the numbers of holocaust-asphyxiated Jews at Treblinka then where are the other 681,555 buried from that total of 713,555 corpses?

If that largest pit was only space for 16,000 corpses, where were all the other 697,555 bodies initially buried!

If the most realistic estimate of a 6m deep pit with 3 corpses per cubic metre is used, we are left with a missing mass grave with space for 705,599 bodies. Where is that? And how is it possible that a seven year research couldn't locate it?

However generously we apply her research we still require archeological evidence for mass-graves that could have allowed for the mass-burial of 697,555 to 705,599 bodies.
That means we need another 21 such sized pits using the most generous estimates to 44 such pits using the most credible estimates.

The reality is clear that Sturdy Colls did not find evidence supporting the Treblinka 'holocaust' history.

What the Sturdy Colls research represents is a further addition to the seven decade holocaust deception.
She DID NOT find evidence to support the claims alleging Treblinka 2 was an extermination camp where “it is estimated that between 800,000 and 1,000,000 Jews, Poles and Romani were killed during the Holocaust”. The presentation of her research in the news and in her professional presentations is a self-delusional deceit. It is actually further evidence that what is allowed to pass as accurate 'history' regarding the Jewish WW2 war experience is actually a mass-delusion that is allowed to persist in the highest echelons of British academia.

Not only has no mass grave been discovered that would fit the interpretation of the British intercepted, decrypted and then numerically altered Höfle radiogram, but the witness statements omitting any mention of the obvious health repercussions of such a huge mass-burial in such a small area is obviously not credible.
The water supply of the camp was secured by wells. On the plan of Treblinka drawn by Moszek Laks and Maniek Płatkiewicz, four wells can be recognized, one for the German guard unit, one for the Ukrainian guard unit, one for the Jewish prisoners, and a fourth, which was surely located in ‘Camp II.’ There can therefore be no doubt that hundreds of thousands of bodies allegedly buried in ‘Camp II’ would have completely poisoned the ground water, which supplied the wells. Yet not a single witness mentions a thing about this critical problem.
Treblinka: extermination camp or transit camp? By Carlo Mattogno and Jürgen Graf. Pg 140

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Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:28 pm
by been-there

The quest for a factually accurate and empirically verfiable history of Treblinka during WW2 is not only concerned with looking at events in the past. What has been occurring recently in our own time reveals much. A film documentary that investigates the recent academically-sponsored research of the T2camp site has recently been removed from the social media platform owned by Jews called Youtube. This censorship demonstrates that a rigorous and critical analysis of the currently consensus Treblinka narrative is not welcome.

That documentary investigation can still be viewed online, but with increasing censorship of the internet who knows for how much longer it will be easily viewable and in the public domain.

For posterity, here is an excerpt from a 2014 article that exposed the unprofessional and extremely unscientific nature of the research conclusions as presented by the University of Staffordshire and its Treblinka archeological research team.

This rather eloquent article with pertinent questions, perhaps explains why its author no longer admits to being a 'revisionist'
Presumably the questions he posed in this — and in his documentary — were so devastating to the 'holocaust' narrative that its defenders perhaps brought considerable pressure to bear upon him. Just as they unsuccessfully did with a previous devastating exposé, by persecuting its publisher Ernst Zündel. And just as they successfully did with a historian who dared appear as a defence witness for Zündel, i.e. when they smeared David Irving and drove him to bankruptcy after a fixed-outcome libel-trial.
“Archaeologist” Caroline Sturdy Colls cancelled an appearance where conscientious British people outraged by her promotion of 70-year-old Soviet Union atrocity propaganda were going to politely ask her questions from the audience. Caroline Colls has become famous for among other outrages, digging at a marked Christian cemetery claiming to find new, hidden mass graves and using the bones of these Christians as a film prop in order to sell the fraud of non-existent massive mass graves of 900,000 “gassed” Jews at transit camp Treblinka 2.


It’s unfortunate Caroline Colls chooses to continue the Deborah Lipstadt concocted strategy of demonising and ostracising “deniers” [revisionists] and refusing to acknowledge and respond to them rather than answering some important scholarly questions about her work. “Gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” lie-deniers have no desire to prevent free speech and simply wish to sit down in the audience, raise our hands, and much like the courageous, intelligent, and well-versed woman below, ask questions from the audience of the alleged scholar, who we believe is promoting a fictional, Jewish supremacist religious narrative which incites racial hatred of Germans, rather than a true scientific reconstruction of actual historical events.

Rather than answer simple questions, much like a... bookburner, Caroline Sturdy Colls and colleagues attempted to get The Treblinka archaeology hoax documentary exposé banned from Youtube on copyright grounds despite being completely covered under “Fair Use” as educational media criticism.

According to Caroline Sturdy Colls’ actions, only well-funded (by Zionists) historical dictators like herself, who make propaganda presentations regurgitating Soviet Union derived psychological warfare on television stations owned by Jewish Zionist billionaire Murray Rothstein are allowed to have a say in determining real history. Anyone else – is sent to prison in several countries if you dare question them.

Professor of Conflict Archaeology and Genocide Investigation at Staffordshire University specialising in Holocaust studies, Caroline Sturdy Colls, posing with barbed wire fencing at Majdanek: “I teach in the areas of forensic archaeology, techniques in the identification of human remains and various aspects of crime scene investigation”.

Here is a list of questions a true journalist, a real truthseeker, scientist, and skeptic would ask Caroline Sturdy Colls:

...4) Does your LIDAR ground penetrating radar prove there were massive pits which at one time held the remains of 900,000 Jews? If so what is the total size and capacity (body count) of each grave? Can you provide the names of archaeologists who analzyed your LIDAR data and will back up the claim that these pits could have at one time held the remains of 900,000 Jews?

...8) How was engine exhaust from one engine pumped into thirteen gas chambers? How did gas from one engine get evenly distributed in the different alleged “chambers”? Were all 13 gas chambers functional at one time? How did “Hitler’s Killing Machine” as you say function?

9) Was the engine at Treblinka diesel or gasoline? Was it from a captured Soviet tank or a captured Soviet submarine engine, as Eichmann claimed in his show trial, despite the Germans never capturing a Soviet sub?

10) Do you know anything about what Revisionists claim about Treblinka? Have you read the Carlo Mattogno / Jurgen Graf book “Treblinka Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?”

Will you be willing to sit down with these authors and historians Carlo Mattogno, Jurgen Graf, and Thomas Kues and listen to their research and their concerns, similarly to how you sat down with Rob Van Der Laas of the “Topography of Terror Foundation”?

11)Do you know Holocaust Revisionists claim there actually ARE relatively small mass graves at Treblinka, mostly for those who died en route to Treblinka, just not graves for the 900,000 you claim, because 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” connected to a diesel or gasoline engine according to Revisionists did not exist – which an honest analysis of your LIDAR radar proves.

...15) How much money have you been paid for your Treblinka project? What was the budget of your project, including the budgets for the television projects and what is the grand total of any and all funding given to you or your project? Does this funding influence your results?

16) Considering the chief rabbi of Poland forbade you from digging near alleged Jewish mass graves at Treblinka 2, in fact ordered you to stop if you found any remains, is the main reason you dug near a known marked Christian cemetery approximately 3-4 miles south of the Treblinka 2 “pure extermination camp” in order to show their bones as props for your television specials, due to these Polish Christians not having leaders such as the Chief Rabbi defending their dignity and memory preventing you from using their bones as props for your TV special alleging 900,000 Jews were buried in a place 3-4 miles away, in a site you weren’t allowed to disturb? ... rdy-colls/

Re: Treblinka

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:04 am
by been-there
rollo the ganger wrote:
Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:42 am
Been There, where did you find this picture:


Also, I noticed the caption says:
Discharge papers Sept. 1943 for a Polish worker at Treblinka 2 ‘Zwangsarbeitslager’ (Forced-labour camp).
I never heard anyone refer to Treblinka 2 as a ‘Zwangsarbeitslager’ (Forced-labour camp). Treblinka 1 I have.
I got it from page 45 of a Polish book on Treblinka called DAM IM IMIĘ NA WIEKI: Polacy z okolic Treblinki ratujący Żydów
which translates as: “GIVE THEM A NAME FOR ETERNITY: Poles from the vicinity of Treblinka saving Jews”.



The Polish caption says:
“A certificate of being in the Treblinka Labour Camp of Stefan Franciszek Tomczyk. Source: MWiM”

The discharge paper was signed by “T. Eupen”.
Theodor Eupen was the camp commandant of Treblinka 1. So I presume this is a disharge certificate from T1, not T2.

Re: Treblinka

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:53 pm
by Norm
Here are 13 of the 15 fraudulently alleged "huge mass graves" of Treblinka II - as alleged by the charlatan Caroline Sturdy Colls (which she labels as "possible grave sites"):


And here are 11 of the 15 fraudulently alleged "huge mass graves" of Treblinka II - as alleged by the charlatan Caroline Sturdy Colls (which she labels as "probable burial / cremation pits"):


And here are the 15 fraudulently alleged "huge mass graves" of Treblinka II - as alleged by the charlatan Caroline Sturdy Colls (which she labels in various ways):


And here is how Colls' numbers correspond to THE HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE ( ) numbering system:
CSC G50 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #1/86

CSC G54 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #2/87

CSC G53 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #3/88

CSC G52 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #4/89

CSC G51 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #5/90

CSC F1 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #6/91

CSC G44 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #7/92

CSC G1 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #8/93

CSC G4 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #9/94

CSC G38 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #10/95

CSC F16 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #11/96

CSC F9 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #12/97

CSC G29 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #13/98

CSC G32 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #14/99

CSC G36 = The H.A.H.C. "huge mass grave" #15/100 ... count=2827
It should be noted that not one of Treblinka II's 15 fraudulently alleged "huge mass graves" has ever been proven to contain so-much-as 1 / 1,000 of 1% of the alleged buried remains of 900,000 jews.