The Rudolf Höß execution

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The Rudolf Höß execution

Post by been-there » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:30 pm


One of the kommandants of Auschwitz concentration camp, Rudolf Höß was executed on April 16th 1947 at the Auschwitz camp in Poland. He was hanged on a specially constructed gallows opposite Krema 1.
His hanging was with a very thin rope and on a very low gallows with a “trapdoor” through which he dropped after the force of his body falling upon it, opened it. A thin rope causes a slower death by strangulation as opposed to a faster death by breaking the neck.
Höß was led out punctually at 10 a.m. He was calm. With energetic steps, almost strutting, he walked along the main camp street. Since his hands were handcuffed behind his back, the executioners had to help him climb onto the stool placed above the trapdoor. A priest, whose presence had been requested by the condemned man, approached the gallows. A prosecutor read out the sentence. The hangman placed the noose on Höß’s neck, and Höß adjusted it with a movement of his head. When the hangman pulled the stool from under the former commandant, his body struck the trapdoor, which opened, leaving Höß hanging. The priest began to recite the prayer for the dying. It was 10:08 a.m. A physician pronounced Höß dead at 10:21. His remains were probably cremated. ... camp-1947/
“When they were leading him to the gallows, Höss looked calm. I thought as he climbed to the gallows, up the steps—knowing him to be a Nazi, a hardened party member — that he would say something. ...But no. He didn’t say a word.
-- Stanislaw Hantz. Guard at Auschwitz-Birkenau. ... 1945b.html
This photograph above shows the moment before the stool he was standing on was pulled out from beneath him.

Here are three photographs that show Höß after falling through the trapdoor:




. . . .

Film of him being transported by his captors appears in this post-war German news reel:
. . . . .

An account of the torture applied to his children to get his wife to reveal his wherabouts leading to his capture is given here:
Brigitte Höß on the left.

She [his daughter Brigitte] is more willing to talk about when the British captured her father. One cold evening in March 1946, Hanns Alexander... — a German-born Jew but by then a British captain — banged on the family's door.

"I remember when they came to our house to ask questions. I was sitting on the table with my sister. I was about 13 years old. The British soldiers were screaming: 'Where is your father? Where is your father?' over and over again. I got a very bad headache. I went outside and cried under a tree. I made myself calm down. I made myself stop crying, and my headache went away. But I have had migraines for years after that..."

The story continues. "My older brother Klaus was taken with my mother. He was beaten badly by the British. My mother heard him scream in pain from the room next door. Just like any mother, she wanted to protect her son, so she told them where my father was."

...the Americans, ...made him testify at Nuremberg. Then Höss was passed to the Poles, who prosecuted him, then hanged him on a gallows next to the Auschwitz crematorium.

Brigitte Höß is the girl on the right. ... 2tjmy.html
Photo of Höß taken during his psychological and physical torture by Jews in the British Army
showing cuts and small puncture wounds to his face.


REFERENCES ... 1945b.html ... camp-1947/
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