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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:20 am
by been-there
Welcome to the new RODOH debate sub-forum called Formal Propositions in Holocaust History

The intention is to create a forum which will be a useful resource to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the various viewpoints relating to WW2 history and what has come to be called 'the Holocaust'.
To achieve that intention certain new rules have been decided upon.
Anyone can submit a topic for discussion and contribute as long as they abide by these conditions:

1.) deal with the argument not the person making it. I.e. No ad hominem remarks or arguments.

2.) as much as possible, factual information offered must be cited with verifiable references.

3.) no deliberate obfuscation tactics such as walls of text, moving the goalposts, strawman misrepresentation, changing the subject, tu quoque avoidance, etc., will be permitted

4.) assume others (opponents) are discussing in good faith. Even if you doubt it, argue as if they were.
The last rule is intended to create a virtuous circle that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more respectfully and fairly anyone comes to the debate, the more that allows others to reply in the same spirit whatever their position, pro or con. A more civilised debate will hopefully make for more useful and informative understanding of the areas of contention.

The application of these rules will rely on moderator discretion. Posters are requested to please accept moderator decisions.
No contribution that breaks the above rules will EVER be DELETED. No-one will be censored. Instead posts containing off-topic remarks or fallacious arguments will be returned to the author who can amend and re-submit if they so choose.

Moderators will return posts to sender, highlight offending parts of replies with a brief explanation of which rule has been infringed plus the request to resubmit minus the offending remarks.
Posters are requested to keep a copy of any posts submitted in case of server malfunction whilst submissions await acceptance.
The rules are intended to encourage fair and civil discussion with verifiable references, without ad hominem attacks, without obvious obfuscation and in good faith.
Debaters will have the ability to amend and improve any posts that transgress the rules, and to resubmit them.