Why does denial need protecting from evidencing its claims?

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Re: Why does denial need protecting from evidencing its claims?

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Turnagain wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:21 pm
Nessie wrote:
It is up to you to evidence your claims...
Nope, it's it's time for you to FOAD, Nessie. Firstly, DC has forbidden you to engage in holyhoax discussion.
I am avoiding discussing the actual evidence as much as is possible. This thread is about denial's lack of evidence, which involves discussing what is not evidenced.
You have nothing but your endless demands for "evidence" even when it's given you.
You don't give me any evidence, instead you give me your reasons why you doubt the evidence FOR gassings. Learn the difference.
For example, none of the witnesses to the vacuum chambers prefaced their testimony with, "I heard" or "I was told" but here you are demanding that witnesses be quoted as saying, "I saw with my own two eyes...".
You need a witness who clearly states he saw a vacuum chamber actually in use, before you can claim to have an eye witness to a vacuum chamber. You have no such witness. I am discussing your lack of evidence.
That's why you got booted off the discussion thread. Your constant whine for "evidence" is nothing but bullshit put out for the purpose of trolling any honest discussion.
Since when is asking for evidence "bullshit"? You ask to see the evidence for gassings. Is that "bullshit"?
You have no intention of engaging in honest debate concerning any aspect of the claims made on behalf of the holyhoax,
I have threads dedicated to the evidence for gassings. You try everything to avoid discussing your lack of evidence.
The title of this thread that you started is proof of your underhanded intentions. Go whine to your fellow believers at the Klown's forum. People have had it with your endless trolls of the discussions here at RODOH.
The title of this thread is a question deniers hate, because it points to the elephant in the room. You have no evidence to back up your claims and denial is proven to be a hoax, fake history, because it is unevidenced.
Consistency and standards in evidencing viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2721#p87772
My actual argument viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2834

Scott - On a side note, this forum is turning into a joke with the vicious attacks--and completely unnecessary vitriol--that everybody is making upon each other.

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Re: Why does denial need protecting from evidencing its claims?

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Why do you, Nessie, need to go to another forum and lie about being confined to Siberian Exile?
Kitty Hart-Moxon (1998): "Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it."


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