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Public health system with the NSDAP

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:58 pm
by Alonso
I'm discussing the history of the NSDAP with a friend. I told him that the NSDAP made the public health system available to everybody in Germany and he says that he doesn't believe that's true. To be honest, the source I used to make that statement is very poor, it's this Quora post (in Spanish), which answers the question "How did Germany benefit from Hitler?" It lists several ways in which the NSDAP improved the quality of life of Germans. However, it says several times that the so called holocaust actually happened, so it's most certainly not a very reliable source. My translation of the part about the health system is:
Hitler controlled the costs of medical attention. With the nazis in power, the insurance companies had to inform the nazis about unique payers [this might be poorly translated, I don't really know what it means]. Medical assistance was not free, but the costs were so manageable that Germany became the world leader in medical assistance. The [German] economy helped to fulfill that role.
Is this correct? Where can I get more information on this topic?