Facebook set to rat out Thought Criminals to French police

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Charles Traynor
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Facebook set to rat out Thought Criminals to French police

Post by Charles Traynor »

I knew there was a reason I don't have a Facebook account.

Facebook to Help French Police Identify Hate Speech Suspects

By Associated Press
June 26, 2019 10:46 AM

FILE - Attendees walk past a Facebook logo during Facebook Inc's F8 developers conference in San Jose, California, United States.

PARIS - Facebook is agreeing to help French police identify hate speech suspects, in what the French government is celebrating as a global first.

France's digital affairs minister, Cedric O, said that Facebook will provide authorities "IP addresses to help identify authors of hateful content." Speaking on broadcaster France-Info, he expressed hope that the cooperation could be expanded to other countries.

Facebook said in a statement that it will help provide "basic information in criminal hate speech cases" to French authorities but will "push back if (the request) is overbroad, inconsistent with human rights, or legally defective."

Like many countries, France has been battling violent and racist content online, and has been hit by deadly extremist attacks in recent years.

The move came after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg came to Paris last month and met with French President Emmanuel Macron.
Full article here
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Re: Facebook set to rat out Thought Criminals to French police

Post by Scott »

I don't use Facebook either. It would be nice to get rid of Gobohomo tech companies like Google altogether, but that is not very reasonable, unfortunately.

These companies tend to be monopolies, and they need to be closely regulated as public utilities--like the old telephone company--to make sure that they don't abuse the public trust or promote Globohomo.

Personally I think AT&T was just fine before Reagan deregulated it in 1984. Telecommunications today is connecting bug-people with screens but not really living up to its potential in my opinion.

But even the Post Office, which was meant to work along similar principles as a public authority, can be a problem because they are not using stringent standards with personnel because it might be rayciss to only hire and employ qualified staff. I don't think they are using anything like a Civil Service Exam any longer, and the result (in my experience) is that a lot of mail just ends up lost. I remember when you could practically scribble something in crayon and they would figure out exactly who it was meant for and then get it delivered.


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