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Re: Value of the CODOH Forum

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Guys, I was thinking about attending this event, but it looks like it's been postponed for the coming year. Does anyone know when it might be happening?
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Re: Value of the CODOH Forum

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aemathisphd wrote: 19 May 2020, 20:13 Guys, I was thinking about attending this event, but it looks like it's been postponed for the coming year. Does anyone know when it might be happening?
Think Andrew think 2019-nCoV.'

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Re: Value of the CODOH Forum

Post by Callahan »

Frankie wrote: 29 Mar 2020, 23:59 Callahan does what he does best, lies when he's embarrassed by his own actions.

A moderator did send him a note about his behavior
When posting links it is incumbent upon you to state why you find them relevant, valuable to points being made.
from guidelines:
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When challenged on your claims you must respond specifically, do not just say 'see the link' which you never went into in the first place.
from guidelines:
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Please review all guidelines which you agreed to when registering:

Thanks, Moderator
Hannover is not the moderator. In fact there is more than one moderator there from what I've been told.
He must truly be amazing since he's been said to be endless numbers of guys, like Rudolf, Bradley Smith, Graf, Faurisson, Brian Renk, on & on.
Keep up the good work Hannover.

There's more from Callahan, who as anyone can see, dodges challenges, loses it when he's shown to be BS by Hannover who Callahan is weirdly obsessed over: ... han#p95964 ... han#p91018 ... han#p90532
Hannover even encourages low information Callahan: ... han#p54893
another one from the moderator: ... han#p50906

Anyway, fragile little Callahan needs to grow up. He only has himself to blame.
This is a tough business, facts talk, bullshit walks.
How did I miss this? LOL. Hello "Frankie". Let's be honest here, I had lengthy responses to every argument you made which wholly refuted your position in some cases -- you (as the Moderator) then rapidly and quietly deleted those responses (leaving me no way to retrieve them) before posting a warning about some selectively-enforced, loosely-interpreted 'guidelines', to save yourself from humiliation. In some cases, I copy-pasted my responses before posting them, predicting you would delete them afterward, which you did. My subsequent attempts to repost were then deleted and my account either temporarily or permanently deactivated. There are an army of people who "deny the Holocaust" every bit as much as you do who will attest to your petty, childish style of moderation over the forum. There is no question about it to anyone who has attempted posting topics anywhere along the lines of the four types I summarize in my original post, above.

Again, I do think you have done a lot for Revisionism, but you shit in the cereal bowl when you behave like a childish tyrant. I do hope you mature at some point as I think you contribute to marketing stereotypes about "deniers" through your actions and biases.
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