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Konzentrationslager, located in northern Germany about 90km north of Berlin near the village of Ravensbrück. The lager catered mainly for women. The camp held 26,000 Jewish women from various countries: 18,800 Russian, 8,000 French, and 1,000 Dutch, the majority being arrested by the Secret Police for political crimes. From 1942 to 1945, medical experiments to test the effectiveness of sulfonamides were undertaken. These are anti-bacterial drugs that helped save thousand of lives. Of some 130,000 female prisoners who passed through the Ravensbrück camp, about 50,000 of them perished, some 2,200 were killed in the gas chambers and 15,000 survived until liberation. This liberation was of course the Soviets.

The efficacy of the drugs were tested in normal manner but morphed into atrocity stories. The fumigation chamber similar to the one at Stutthof depicted in the photo below also morphed into a gaskammer for murder. The gaskammer was small and could only apparently hold about 100 women at a time. The alleged gassing allegedly occurred also in Satellite camps, as the red Army approached. There were apparently no Kula columns in this gaskammer, just Zb thrown in through the top of the roof; a single 500g can.
Of course there is the usual lack of evidence for any of this, just the usual tortured eye witnesses and hanged people.

Now we have der jüdische Lügner Сергеи Романовы from "klowns" trying to reinforce the gassing claim with the following load of cattle excrement one could only expect from Jude, and a Russki one at that. Еврей-лжец Сергей Романовы не умеет читать или писать по-русски, но это не имеет значения. :roll: You can read its crap here where according to the judensau, Mittwerda has become a euphamism for gaskammer.
The truth is that as the war came to its conclusion there was intense overcrowding at this camp, where a typhus epidemic took hold. One can blame the allies for this.
“Die Gaskammer im Konzentrationslager Ravensbrück Anfang" has Olga Wormser-Migot, a woman of jüdische descent denied the existence of this gaskammer. When British and American troops reached these camps, they considered the horrifying scenes they saw in the camps as a confirmation of the intensive propaganda they had been subjected to over the years. They believed that the National Socialists had exterminated entire groups of people, Jews in particular, and ascribed the extreme mortality to an intentional policy of killing the inmates, which, in their opinion, had also been accomplished by means of gas chambers.

The existence of gas chambers immediately became a dogma which the SS defendants could not question without risking to get entangled in a hopeless situation.

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