Debunking the Holocaust

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Re: Debunking the Holocaust

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Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:52 pm
There are film clips from the USC film archives of Jews testifying that they were sent to Treblinka and left there with up to entire trainloads of other deportees. Nessie claims those were just "selections" so they don't count. The USHMM lists five survivors who transited through Treblinka accompanied by an unknown number of other deportees but Nessie ignores them. Almost all records of trains outbound from Treblinka have been either lost or destroyed but Nessie claims that Zabecki kept records of all incoming and outbound trains. Curious how he has no records for any of the deportees who did leave Treblinka.

Neither of you clowns have any proof that ~850,000 people were gassed, buried, exhumed and cremated on a magic Jew barbeque at Treblinka. Time and again the hermetically sealed gas/vacuum chambers have been debunked. The mass graves of Wiernik and Rajchman have been debunked. Using a dragline to exhume whole bodies has been debunked. The magic Jew barbeque has been debunked but here you are, demanding a travel itinerary for every Jew who was sent to Treblinka. Hoaxers have nothing.

No cremains, no graves, no holyhoax. Finito. End of story.
I agree, but I suspect the nature of the camp changed over time due to the situation. At one stage I was suspecting it was just a munitions dump.

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