US Gov Docs refute the Holocaust!

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Re: US Gov Docs refute the Holocaust!

Post by Rev2018 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:53 pm

Every lying Jew should be made accountable for their hate speech!

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Re: US Gov Docs refute the Holocaust!

Post by Huntinger » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:56 am

Friedrich Paul Berg wrote: ↑
Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:34 pm
Restitution for Germans and Germany is long overdue. How much money could possibly be enough?

Oberst-GruppenfΓΌhrer, more is needed. The families of the SS need compensation and recognition of the bravery of their fathers, uncles, sons, cousins. For this to happen needs an over turn of the verdict from the NMT; this is what thousands of SS families wish. I do not represent them, they have not asked us, the winds have changed. I want young men and women to walk down the road to be proud of being who they are: National Socialist.
The current conflict in the middle east is similar to Werd and Nessie, nothing happens just bombs. This needs a legal team to totally discredit the NMT and its findings. If this happens it will alter history, and of course the State of Israel. They know of course this money is not available unless there is political will of the people to shrug of their yolk.
We do not support terrorism in any form, politically, morally or subliminally, but we do support Mr Assad, and the other nations struggling to give their people freedom. Ours and their people will no longer grovel in the sand, while others with wealth squander it with ineptitude, while the planet is being stripped of its resources. Either way their reign is over. Their children and our children are one. Immer wieder
Like all poor people the NSDAP is struggling, through impropriety of the wealthy: together we can be a team. Work together and be proud of your country. The people of the world deserve dignity, not political lies to support a few people. Your sons your daughters. The United States administration are war criminals from all investigations and will be eventually be held to account.
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