Jaeger Report translations English vs. German

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rollo the ganger
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Jaeger Report translations English vs. German

Post by rollo the ganger » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:03 pm

My questions regarding the German/English translations is getting buried in other conversations on the Einsatzgruppen thread so I thought I'd start another one specifically for this purpose. So I'm repeating my comments/questions on translation of the Jaeger Report here (from the Einsatzgruppen thread):
RTG wrote:While we are waiting for our German speaking members to return I'd like to point out an example of the English translations of the Jaeger Report being mistranslated to have a more sinister meaning.

At these sites we have the following English translations:

https://fcit.usf.edu/holocaust/resource ...

At the site above we have an excerpt from the J-Report as follows:

"The distance between from the assembly point to the graves was on average 4 to 5 Km."

... and from this site:

https://phdn.org/archives/holocaust-his ... er-report/

we have for the same sentence:

"The distance from the assembly point to the graves was on average 4 to 5 Km."

Minor differences with both mentioning "graves" but an English to German translation in Google Translate of the second sentence gives the following:

"Die Entfernung vom Sammelplatz zu den Gräbern betrug durchschnittlich 4 bis 5 km."

The closest thing I could find in the German Version of the Jaeger Report to this was on Page 7 which states, in German:

"Der Anmarschweg von der Sammelstelle zu den Gruben durchschnittlich 4 bis 5 km."

Which translates to English in Google Translate as:

"The approach from the collection point to the pits averages 4 to 5 km."

The key word in the two previous English translation, of course, is "graves" which in German is "gräbern". The term "gräbern" is not included in the Jaeger report but the word "gruben" is. In the third English translation above the German word "gruben" translates to "pits" in English in this example. If Jaeger meant "graves" he would have used the word "gräbern" but he does not. "Pits" i.e. "gruben" could mean trenches, tank traps, excavations, sand pits, gravel pits, etc., etc.

So, from this sentence at least, there is no translation that says this sentence unequivocally mentions the sinister term of "graves". In fact, it could be mentioning something as benign as a sand pit or simple trench.

Comments from hoaxsters welcome...
EDIT: From another translation site the term "gruben" is as follows:

https://www.interglot.com/dictionary/de ... #resultsde


Detailed Translations for Gruben from German to English

Gruben [die ~] noun
die Gruben (Mienenschächte; Mienen; Schächte)
the mine shafts
mine shafts [the ~] noun

Translation Matrix for Gruben:
Noun Related Translations Other Translations
mine shafts Gruben; Mienen; Mienenschächte; Schächte

rollo the ganger
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Question for VFX

Post by rollo the ganger » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:43 am

Hello VFX, welcome back from your hunting trip (according to Huntinger).

I understand German is your primary language and I was wondering if you could comment on the previous post here in this thread.


I'd appreciate it if you would. I also brought this up in the EINSATZGRUPPEN thread but the hoaxsters scurried away. Thanks ahead of time.

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