Marienburg Massacre

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Marienburg Massacre

Post by Huntinger » Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:20 am

Malbork (Deutche: Marienburg ( pronunciation); Latin: Civitas Beatae Virginis) is a town in northern Poland in the Żuławy region (Vistula delta), with 38,478 inhabitants in 2006. Situated in the Pomeranian Voivodeship since 1999, it was previously assigned to Elbląg Voivodeship (1975–1998). It is the capital of Malbork County.
In early 1945, Marienburg was the scene of fierce battles by the Reich against the Red Army and was almost completely destroyed. The battle lasted until March 9, 1945. Following the town's military capture by the Red Army, the remaining civilian population disappeared; 1,840 people remain missing. In June 1945, the town was turned over to Polish authorities who had arrived in the town in April and was permanently renamed Malbork. The German population of Marienburg that had not fled was expelled.

Half a century later, in 1996, 178 corpses were found in a mass grave in Malbork; another 123 were found in 2005. In October 2008, during excavations for the foundation of a new hotel in Malbork, a mass grave was found containing the remains of 2,116 people, a majority of whom were female. All the dead were said to have been German residents of pre-1945 Marienburg, but they could not be individually identified, nor could the cause of their deaths be definitely established.
Thread Intention
To discuss the apparent ethnic cleansing of German Civilians and genocide; to discuss why these atrocities have not been brought by the Western Governments to some court of Justice in some attempt to bring closure to the event as was done with the alleged German atrocities on the Poles and other ethnic groups.
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