Best Revisionist Arguments for a Newcomer to Revisionism

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Best Revisionist Arguments for a Newcomer to Revisionism

Post by Friedrich Paul Berg » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:09 pm

The above thread links to CODOH. The arguments one can see there are lame and pathetic. At RODOH we can do much better.

1. How do hoaxers explain the autopsies?

2. How do hoaxers defend the claim that diesel engines were the source of the deadly carbon monoxide that supposedly murdered nearly two million Jews in the AR camps?

3. How do hoaxers explain the fact that ONLY one "eyewitness" claimed to have seen REDDISH coloring on any corpse from cyanide or CO?

4. Why did the Germans supposedly use what at best would have been a "makeshift" gassing technology when they had perfectly excellent gas chambers for fumigating entire railroad trains?



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