"DEGESCH" Methods for Pest Control. (1937, in English)

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"DEGESCH" Methods for Pest Control. (1937, in English)

Post by NSDAP » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:34 am

I found this very informative. Thank you Scott for presenting the information on extermination regarding use of Zyklonb. This is found here here The technology can obviously be applied efficiently for homicidal mass extermination of people but in all probability was never used in this manner. In National Socialist Deutschland there were no secrets that were not uncovered, even the Secret State Police were not secret, nor the V2 rocket program, with many photos to verify these secrets. Somehow the alleged murder of millions of people has no photos, no hard evidence only anecdotes and this is a cause for great concern. National Socialism wears the heart on the sleeve
Herr Hitler Nürnberg

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