Fritz Berg interviewed by V. K. Clark 9/10/2017 about AUTOPSIES and much more

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Re: Fritz Berg interviewed by V. K. Clark 9/10/2017 about AUTOPSIES and much more

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If Blake agrees with Leuchter and Faurisson that "mass gassings are impossible," then he is INSANE as well.

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Re: Fritz Berg interviewed by V. K. Clark 9/10/2017 about AUTOPSIES and much more

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Friedrich Paul Berg wrote: 17 Sep 2017, 00:01
If Blake agrees with Leuchter and Faurisson that "mass gassings are impossible," then he is INSANE as well.

That is not Blake's argument, nor Rudolf's for that matter, although the latter could have been more clear and less concerned about covering for Leuchter or Faurisson.

Blake, the problem with the explosion "risk" from Leuchter's point of view is that he is putting the HCN into a small chamber and has to essentially construct a "bomb" that looks impressive enough not to alarm skittish witnesses during legal executions.

The execution gizmo and fortifications have to provide visible assurance to witnesses and the public that the innocent cannot get a whiff of the prisoner so much as passing his intestinal gas, let alone any actual poison gas--and the execution chamber has to be strong enough to deal with any explosive puff that could ever occur with the HCN pot-generation method or with any other gas-generation scenario--a huge engineering over-compensation on Mr. Leuchter's part as the country's only "Execution Safety Expert."

Remember that the explosive gas from my kitchen stove could be an issue if you piped it into a hermetically sealed chamber too--but otherwise we don't need to worry much about this concern over blowing things up. And that is with the explosive gas on tap, not generated either with the pot method or by evaporating it out of a porous carrier material like Zyklon-B.

The part with Germar Rudolf and Leuchter/Faurisson is a little different. You and Fritz are arguing apples and oranges points to a degree.

Germar did gloss over the over-wrought concerns of Leuchter and Faurisson with regards to the explosivity of Zyklon-B, but what Rudolf also did is analyze the work of Jean Claude Pressac--the late French pharmacist and alleged former Revisionist who tried to argue that the Germans COULD have gotten the Zyklon-B executions to work the way that the eyewitnesses said that they did, e.g., almost instantaneously, just by using huge amounts of Zyklon-B, and ignoring the heating and circulation concerns that Fritz made long ago.

This is absurd of course and the so-called eyewitnesses are simply LIARS, but this odd Pressac procedure is not likely to have been any kind of solution to a slow-releasing-gas Zyklon-B for an extermination problem anyway since the Germans were already using Zyklon-B in fumigation chambers, for example, made by Boos (ten of them at the Auschwitz Stammlager) and the four chambers made by Degesch at Dachau. This Zyklon-B technology was rather boilerplate in Germany and the United States at the time. Contrary to Leuchter, you can build them almost anywhere--for example, INSIDE of warehouses.

Leuchter indignantly claimed to me not long ago that you could not design a homicidal gaschamber for mass-murder of HUMANS using Zyklon-B, only for bugs. This makes me wonder if the man is actually sane.

Leuchter even thinks that you would need to pump carbon monoxide into a hermetically sealed chamber at high pressure to execute people with that method. This too is absurd and we have already discussed this. High pressure is not needed for CO suicides or accidental deaths, of course.

There are different criterion for legal executions, and these are just as likely to be POLITICAL or PSYCHOLGOCAL rather than technical in nature. There is a certain amount of THEATER that goes along with state executions--and personally I don't mind a little Medieval-ness about it all as long as it sends a proper capital punishment message.

People like Leuchter are part of the problem because their ritualized "humane" execution procedure is too complicated. I would not trust Leuchter to build a Ham radio shack, or build a radio or TV station or communications installation, let alone kill condemned prisoners--humanely or otherwise. Enough said.

Of course if you REALLY wanted to kill people en masse, you could use either carbon monoxide or Zyklon-B per the technology that the Germans and the Americans were ALREADY using for fumigation control at the borders. This provides real-world contemporary examples of such working technology, which could be easily adapted to kill humans: IF THE GERMANS HAD BEEN SO INCLINED.

In fact, Leftists try to make a similar case conflating the idea of United States health officials gassing vermin in the baggage and clothing of people at the border with gassing immigrants themselves, especially those of the swarthier Third World persuasion.

Similarly, Trump wants to build a border wall and therefore he is Literally HitlerTM.

A blast from the past---the AIDS threat could have been completely eliminated in the United States in the early 1980s if health officials had had the political courage to require that until a reliable AIDS test had been determined, that people from suspect demographics (i.e., male homosexuals and Haitian Negroes) be banned from donating to the nation's blood supply, and that those who did donate be tested first for Hepatitis B, which was correlated to the new GRIDS, later AIDS epidemic.

Leftists are fond to blame this on Ronald Reagan for some reason, but they would have screamed full Genocide--the way that Football Negroes do today about the National Anthem being observed at ballgames--if anything was actually done about this. Certain political lobbies must always APPROVE, otherwise it is "Hate" and "Genocide," and NO, I am not talking about White Christians making the fuss.

Leuchter made a big mistake by misreading the HCN explosive limits, and then Faurisson tried to argue that it was IMPOSSIBLE to commit mass-murder with poison gas at all. Revisionists need to acknowledge this big screw-up and move on.

Because it is propaganda that is too well-funded, and even legislated, I don't think it is possible to find a perfect slam-dunk argument that destroys the Big-H monster itself.

The Holocaust Lobby attacks people and even puts them in jail in some countries who question its orthodoxy--calling it "Hate Speech," in an extraordinary projection of partisan vitriol and illogic.

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