Another false "Holocaust"!?

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Another false "Holocaust"!?

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I think that is enough as far as conflicting websites are concerned, as it is surely obvious that there is no rational basis for the Falun Gong notion that their bodily organs are being harvested at the expense of their death. I would think that if , say, the Americans were convinced that the Chinese Maoists are doing such then they would not hesitate to publicise the fact -- rather like the case of the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" in WW2, as Walthar Canarais, the heaD OF GERMAN military intelligence, a British spy, did not report that such a Holocaust" was taking place, which would have meant that Hitler would be finished at the hand of his Conservative allies. Anyway I would hope that others will see fit to comment about this matter. Also it is interesting that the Falun Gong propagandists are very fond of making allusions to the Jewish "Holocaust (I reckon that the Jews should sue!).

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