'Holocaust reindoctrination' prophylactic.

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Re: 'Holocaust reindoctrination' prophylactic.

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been-there wrote:
Thu Aug 27, 2020 1:39 pm
Sanders turned to the best-known Yiddishism when asked how he might use the language to describe Trump.
“Oy vey,” he said with a laugh. “That’s about it.”

...he said he does feel there’s a valid “comparison” between Trump’s America and Nazi Germany.
In a staccato Brooklyn accent ala Larry David.

"Oy vey? Oy fucking vey? You call that a comparison? I don't call that a valid comparison at all! You wanna call it a comparison, you go ahead and call it a fucking comparison, ya schmuck! Oy vey? I've said that after being splashed by a fucking cab in midtown for Christ's sake. You compare this country to nazi Germany and all you've got is two fucking syllables!? 'OY VEY'? OY FUCKING VEY!!!? When's the last time you watched a Brooklyn Dodgers game in nazi Germany!?"

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