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rollo the ganger
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Post by rollo the ganger » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:45 pm

The "FINAL" solution... That sounds so ... well... "FINAL". The end, death, killed, deceased and no more. Yes, THAT is the word to use. Not "total" as Goring insisted it said but the more sinister sounding word "FINAL". That is the Allied propaganda directive. Use "FINAL" in place of "total". It sounds more sinister, deadly, murderous. "THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION", it can't mean anything BUT the ultimate extermination of the Jews and be finished with them once and for all.

Oh, bull... the term comes from the Jews themselves. I've boldened and highlight the term and its variants:

The American Jewish Chronicle Vol 3 No 1-26 - Page 447 1917
"... magnitude and far-reaching importance of the event, which may be described as a turning-point in our history, it would not be
difficult to allow oneself to be deluded into regarding this metamorphosis as a THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION."

The Maccabaean - Volumes 2-3 - Page 53 1902
"We believe rather that the means for THE SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION are to be found in the existing laws that govern society." What is demanded from ... Every impartial man is bound to recognize that we propose a FINAL SOLUTION. The Jewish ...

American Jewish year book - Volume 18 - Page 211
Cyrus Adler, ‎Henrietta Szold, ‎American Jewish Committee - 1916
"JEWISH COMMUNAL LIFE June 6. Manchester: United Synagogue adopts resolution that THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION will be facilitated by the formation of a Jewish political and spiritual center, preferably in Palestine, under the ..." [They beat the Nazis by a quarter century.]

The Jewish Pogroms in Ukraine: Authoritative Statements on ...Julian Batchinsky, ‎Arnolʹd Davidovich Margolin, ‎Mark Vishnitzer - 1919 -
"The experiences of latter years have proved to us that it does not pay to have a civil emancipation of the Jewish inhabitants. We
realize more and more that the civil emancipation can not be THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION, and that the ..."

The Contemporary Review - Volume 72 - Page 592 - 1897
"The significance of this logomachy is, that what the Jews desire is not to acquire more tracts of land, but a country for the ... very
last parcel it was the legally secured property of non-Jews, would mean THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION."

The Jewish Quarterly Review - Volume 14 - Page 22
Israel Abrahams, ‎Claude Goldsmid Montefiore - 1902
"If the solution of THE JEWISH QUESTION arrived at towards the end of 1656 was not wholly satisfactory, it was precisely in ... to this
law, and which consequently made THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE QUESTION an integral part of English political evolution."

The Menorah: A Monthly Magazine for the Jewish Home 1898
"A Monthly Magazine for the Jewish Home ... question, which has for its object the abolition of social injustice, and blessed is he who
through the advancement of the ethical progress of mankind brings THE FINAL SOLUTION of this- QUESTION nearer, ..."

Public: a journal of democracy - Volume 22 - Page 943
Louis Freeland Post, ‎Alice Thatcher Post, ‎Stoughton Cooley - 1919
"It offers the only proper and FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION of to-day. |1 Its Editor, Dr. Solomon T. H. Hurwitz, is
recognized in all learned circles, as one of the foremost scholars of the day, formerly an instructor of languages at Columbia ..."

Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal - Volume 225 - Page 315 1917
"... difference between the two bodies being that the Zionists do not regard national autonomy as A FINAL SOLUTION OF THE SO CALLED JEWISH QUESTION. The Zionists, however, are not confined to Russia, and their main policy is now made elsewhere."

The Dial - Volume 19 - Page 291
Francis Fisher Browne, ‎Waldo Ralph Browne, ‎Marianne Moore - 1895
"While we believe that the initiative toward a better and more rational state of things lies with the Jew himself, it seems clear
enough that no FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION can be looked for without a large decrease in the world's general ..."

The Jewish Expositor, and Friend of Israel - Page 317 1816
"The island of Madagascar, we learn, is inhabited in part by persons, some of whose ceremonies and practices resemble Jewish; whence it has been conjectured that they are descended from Jews."

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Post by been-there » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:51 pm

Fascinating. Especially the last one.
"When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth,
they either cease being mistaken
or they cease being honest"
-- Anonymous

rollo the ganger
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Post by rollo the ganger » Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:15 pm

It looks like the Poles beat the Nazis in their plans for a "FINAL SOLUTION" to the Jewish question:

Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland, 1919-1939 - Page 395
Joseph Marcus - 1983

"Whichever view is right, it was the Polish government, who in the spring of 1937 sent a commission to Madagascar to look ... presented 'Madagascar' (as the plan was popularly called) to the Polish public as a SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH PROBLEM."

It can be argued, using Stat. Mech.'s logic, it was the Poles who first meant to exterminate the Jews, literally, by sending the to Madagascar.

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