Fall Foliage Fundraiser - 2017

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Fall Foliage Fundraiser - 2017

Post by Scott » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:11 pm

Howdy folks,

I hope you had a fun Summer and as much fun as I did watching the 2017 Total Eclipse in Idaho. I will post some of my pictures when I get settled back in for the duration. In 2024 there will be another solar totality in Dallas, Texas and like ZZ Top says, that would be worth checking out. (No Texas jokes, please.)

So, the big eclipse is over with for now and the Summer holidays have met their match, and we are at present headlong into the Autumn school year...

It is now time to think of funding the RODOH discussion board and taking care of our mendicant Sysop who watches over your bits and bytes so that I don't have to.

Our funding goal for the season is to get a new laptop for our intrepid Sysop. We have already begun to collect a few mites and farthings from the RODOH community but we are just getting started. It is time to give 'til it helps.

There are many ways to make a financial contribution to help keep RODOH safe, free, and open. With a small amount of ca$h you can help me "keep it real." I don't go begging for the board very often but when I do I come to you.

So, if you use Pay-Pal just e-mail or PM me and I will send you my P-P information.

If you don't want me to have your information, I can send you the Pay-Pal info from a trusted friend and I will not ever see your transaction directly. Just discretely indicate that it is for me or "the board" and I will get it. "Fall Foliage Fund" is good, or F3. :D

(And no, RODOH is not tax deductible.) ;)

THANKS--and do let me know if you have any questions.

~ Scott Smith

SLSm1701@yahoo .com
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