Soviet Partisan Warfare Since 1941 (CIA, 1949)

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Soviet Partisan Warfare Since 1941 (CIA, 1949)

Post by Scott » Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:48 am

Below is a downloadable 22 page Word Doc provided for RODOH by Wilfried Heink, our "Neugierig" : ... tisan1941/

Soviet Partisan Warfare Since 1941
CIA (1 MARCH 1949)
Approved for release 1999/08/24; CIA-RDP78-01634R0

OCLC 20711598
TITLE Soviet Partisan Warfare Since 1941.
IMPRINT c1949.
DESCRIPT [37] leaves :| 1 map ;| 27 cm.
NOTE Typescript (mimeograph copy).
NOTE Cover title.
NOTE "March 1, 1949."
SUBJ World War, 1939-1945| Underground movements| Soviet Union.


In the U.S. S.R , the German Army met for the first time a highly-developed new technique of partisan warfare. The Soviet Partisan Movement was not a spontaneous guerrilla operation, but was conceived and developed as a regular military adjunct of the Red Army. Plans and preparations were made before the war, and actual operations were directed by an integrated partisan warfare headquarters set up in Moscow.

The Soviet partisans succeeded in disrupting the economic life of a large part of the occupied Soviet territory, and seriously interfered with the German supply system. They also acted as a powerful psychological propaganda weapon in preventing the local population from collaborating with the Germans or serving in the German civil administration in the occupied areas .

The most important prerequisite for the partisan movement was the organization of the air communications between partisan groups and the Red Army. At one point when the Red Army was making its greatest use of the partisans on the Central Front, a quarter of Red Air Force activity in the area was devoted to servicing the partisans.

The Germans were never able to meet the challenge of the partisans, not only because they lacked sufficient troops and planes, but also because they were unwilling to make the political concessions necessary to win the cooperation of the population of the occupied areas.


“Now we have forced Hitler to war so he no longer can peacefully annihilate one piece of the Treaty of Versailles after the other.”
~ Major General J.F.C. Fuller,
historian – England

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