Free KYLE, Free KYLE, Free KYLE

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Free KYLE, Free KYLE, Free KYLE

Post by Scott »

With the help of friends and admirers, it looks like Kyle Rittenhouse has made his exorbitant $2 Million bail.


To celebrate, I was trying to find the remake of "Butterfly" by Crazy Town, the version with the lyrics in honor of Joseph Rosenbaum: "Shoot Me Nigga. Shoot, Shoot Me Nigga!

Unfortunately, all I could find was The Nuclear Power Trio: "Grab 'Em by the Pyongyang."

Enjoy. ;)

“So people are getting injured, and our job is to protect this business, and a part of my job is to also help people. If there’s somebody hurt, I’m running into harm’s way.
That’s why I have my rifle because I need to protect myself, obviously.
But I also have my med-kit.”

~ "Siege" Kyle Rittenhouse
(Kenosha, WI - 25 AUGUST 2020)

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Charles Traynor
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Re: Free KYLE, Free KYLE, Free KYLE

Post by Charles Traynor »

This is fantastic news. I am unfamiliar with US bail costs but $2M seems effing extortionate. I’ll wager they never expected Kyle or his supporters to raise that much money. Little did they realise how much support Kyle has from the vast majority of decent American citizens and even a few celebrities. I don’t know how wealthy Ricky Schroder is but I hope he has enough money to retire on right now because I believe acting roles for him are going to start drying up real soon.

Kyle is also fortunate in finding an ally in Lin Wood, he is an honourable man and will fight tooth and nail in court to win Kyle his freedom.

Btw, Black Rifle Coffee Company have publicly distanced themselves from Kyle. Time for Americans to boycott that particular brand of coffee I think. If BRCC have been marketing themselves as Mr. Fuentes says in the tweet below they deserve to go bust over this.

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Re: Free KYLE, Free KYLE, Free KYLE

Post by k0nsl »

I was very pleased and happy for Kyle when I heard he was finally released. It is an outrage that he was even jailed to begin with — except for perhaps one count, and I am not sure how truthful that one is; however, the claim was made here and there on the Internet, that Kyle was too young in order for him to own the gun, I remain sceptical about that until somebody can set the record straight on that particular point/count. 🤔

In every other respect I am fully convinced Kyle acted according to the law on self-defense; Kyle showed incredible self-control for a man of his age. I wish we had these type of laws in Scandinavia...but alas, we do not! So if a burglar is injured while breaking into your house he can basically file a complaint and have the cops take you to jail — that includes simply tying the burglar up while you are on the phone, trying to call the so-called cops. I think the law is called something like “illegal restraint”.
So yeah, our way of doing things is quite different compared to how you do it in America. 😒

At any rate, I am so happy Kyle is now free.

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