Western Women will get their just desserts!

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Western Women will get their just desserts!

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It's hard for me to say this as a die hard supporter of liberal values such as feminism, abortion, birth control, divorce, alimony, atheism, but he has a point. Liberals won't see reality until it's too late. Their minds have been corrupted by communism (he won't name the Jews of course). We may just have to protect our own family members or close friends (women) and leave the rest to the wolves. Because ONLY THEN, will hopefully enough people call out the real problem. That will be the greater good that these intermediate sacrifices or tragedies will lead to. There you go liberals. Standing back and not helping women who are strangers to us for A GREATER GOOD DOWN THE ROAD. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. How do you like having your utilitarian ethics thrown back in your face now? :lol:

Congratulations ladies. This is what your "intersectional feminism" I.E. Race/culture baiting has done to cloud the issue. You're making men walk away after continually calling them bigots and racists for wanting to protect you from sharia and Islam and making sure you have abortion, divorce, alimony, birth control, etc YOU ATTACKED WHITE LIBERAL MEN MEN WHO WERE ON YOUR SIDE FOR FEMINISM AND WOMEN'S RIGHTS! NOW YOU'RE PAYING THE PRICE FOR PISSING OFF AND SLANDERING YOUR LAST AND BEST ALLIES AND MAKING THEM WALK AWAY AND VOTE RIGHT. I HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT! I hope mass Muslim immigration and sharia was worth giving up your rights for. - Werd.

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