Herm Seals Poll

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Does the issue of hermetic seals influence gassing narrative.

It does
It does not
Total votes: 3

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Herm Seals Poll

Post by Huntinger »

Blake121666 wishes to know the following questions: Here
  • Does anyone think that the term "hermetically sealed" has been used in such a way as to disprove that mass homicidal gassings could have occurred?
  • Does anyone think that mass gassings were impossible due to some crapola about "hermetic" seals to do with such a process?
  • Does anyone think sane people should be concerned about instances of the term "hermetically sealed" having been used as it has been?
  • Should any sane person obsess in such a way as to think there is an issue with the term "hermetic seal" as has been used?
I hope the following poll helps answer his question. :)

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