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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:09 pm
by Stella
Does the forum software here have a reputation point system? It would be interesting to see if your posts make any impact on others (although it is sometimes abused from what I've seen elsewhere).


Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:52 am
by Scott
I'm not really familiar with that feature.

Do you mean a means by which if people like or dislike a post or a thread they can click for a thumbs up (or down), and have the tabulations scored or ranked? With Yuku in the past there was a similar feature but it was messy and only caused confusion somehow so we disabled it. I've forgotten exactly how it worked now, but the feature was highly unpopular. These topics are not "hot or not" movie reviews after all.

I'm willing to listen to any specific suggestions, however.



Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:18 am
by Stella
Sorry, let me see if I can clarify.

On some vBulletin forums, there is a reputation point feature enabled. Members can give each other reputation points for posts that they like or don't like. A member's reputation bar (which consists of green or red colored jewels) gets longer the more points he or she accumulates:


New members start with zero, and either go up or down depending on their point total.

To show an example, take a look at this thread from another forum that uses vBulletin. Now, look under the post count of a member and you will see the reputation bar. If you hover your cursor over the bar, you will see a message that indicates how popular that member is. This message changes depending on the length of the bar.

You can see how many reputation points you have accumulated, links to specific posts where the points were given to you, along with any messages left by other members via your control panel:


(the above image was found through a search engine, and was not taken by me)

I have seen this feature on various vBulletin forums, but never on any forum that uses the phpBB software, so that is why I asked. However, it appears that it does indeed have this feature according to this thread on a forum devoted entirely to phpBB. Implementing it though, is another story...


Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:37 am
by Scott
A user-reputation point system could probably be implemented with the new board's phpbb format, but based on past experience I doubt if it would work very well at RODOH because the posters of our little group are a bit too small and "incestuous."

What I mean by that is that there really are not that many people interested in the Holo subject itself--and of those who are, one way or another most of them have already registered and posted here or at the old RODOH--or at CODOH, or Holocaust Controversies. I don't see us attracting any new blood in any way, at least not unless some kind of miracle occurs.

It is too bad that we lost any record of the old back-and-forths since 2003, nearly a decade, even though some great percentage of it was just drivel.

My goal in the first place, the same in 2003 really, was just to provide some place on the Internet where this weird and sometimes fairly obscene (in my view at least) topic could be discussed without censorship--or at least discussed with the least amount of "intellectual micromanagement" as possible.

I've tried to be decent to both sides and to be trusted enough to respect everyone's point of view, however and wherever they fall on the spectrum of this unusual and (nearly always) quite weird topic. I know that we are probably not going to set any great and profound standards for academic scholarship here. (Yeah, I wish.)

I'd be happy if we just had a place where everybody could reasonably discuss various historical, philosophical, or political topics--but the Big-H is important in any case, I think, because it is just about the only kind of ideology that can get you tossed into jail in modern Western countries if you do not toe the establishment line closely enough.

That was obvious to me at least when David Irving and Germar Rudolf were imprisoned in 2005 for "Thoughtcrime" or whatever they called it. At that time it was obvious to me as well that not much scholarly progress was ever going to be made regarding this topic because the game is rigged just a little bit on some level. A rigged game is a rigged game. At least that is the way that I see it.

My hopes are not anywhere near so ambitious. I just want a decent place where the various parties can discuss the subject--and try to keep some semblance of a pot lid on things.

A poster scoring system did not work at the old Yuku-formatted RODOH (albeit obviously with less sophistication or functionality than would probably be possible with the present phpbb format) and I doubt that it would work now. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Whomever might have any other thoughts on this do let me know, however.

~ Scott Smith