CIA Document: declassified

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CIA Document: declassified

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T. H. CHYLINSKI, Vice Consul, wrote a classified document called Poland Under Nazi Rule,completed November 13, 1941. This was declassified by the CIA Declassified and Approved for Release 2001 by the Central Intelligence Agency
Read, download pdf document

Official Narrative
Poland was a centre for mass extermination of the Jews. Extermination camps such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Chelmno and Sobibor were responsible for the murder of about 6 million Jews, the figure always bandied around: this is known as the Shoah: these camps were all in Poland. A prelude to this was the apparent intentional acts of German forces, especially the SS to rid Poland of potential resistance through mass executions and intimidation. These alleged acts are often mentioned as a precursor to the actual alleged extermination of the Jews and others. It seems to be an attempt to show the evil nature of the National Socialist regime.

The declassified CIA document is quite at variance with historical reports even though it was compiled in a similar time frame to alleged German atrocities. While the alleged Jewish genocide was after this report the observations of the vice consul seem at variance with the reported behaviors of the Reich forces, especially the Schutzstaffel, the organization which encompassed the Reich Main Security Office for which the Gestapo was a part of. This report was compiled on Nov 13 1941 though the author left a few months prior to this date (August 19, 1941). It covers the period Sept 27 1939 to his departure date (692 days) and is the impressions formed from memory alone. While it is considered that the mass executions of Jews by the Reich started 22nd of June 1941,after Operation Barbarossa, Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, this is not relevant to this report which only discusses the observations in Poland. While there are many reports of German barbarity in Poland immediately after the invasion this is not corroborated as some historians might have us believe. For instance the report speaks of reprisals for murders of Germans but these reprisals involve the executions by firing squad of rather small amounts of men. The document also speaks of how Jews were not executed nor moved against their will but were able to negotiate terms with the Gestapo. While the situation could have changed dramatically after the vice consul left Poland the mood of the Polish people and the actions of the Germans is really quite different to what is dramatically depicted in various books and web sites.

Thread Intention
To discuss the integrity of the document. To compare and contrast the apparent legitimate observations in this document with claims made by others of the brutal actions of Reich forces against the Poles. If the alleged brutality of the Reich is not supported can this imply that there is indeed a break in the slippery slope of ever increasing sociopath brutality, with an increased probability that the alleged Shoah is not supported as well. Is it possible that the alleged Holocaust is also propaganda in the same manner that the alleged German brutality is propaganda if this document is believed.?

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