The ‘Holocaust’ industry

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The ‘Holocaust’ industry

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THE ‘HOLOCAUST’ INDUSTRY — where did it start?

In October 1944, Red Army soldiers entered an empty camp in Majdanek, central Poland.

This moment can be called the start of what was later to become the million-dollar propaganda industry that has formed around that and similar events, which during the 1970’s came to be referred to as the Holocaust’.

The name of the transit/labour camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau joined soon after when on January 27th 1945 — with the war still raging and with two months before its end — a Soviet Red Army unit took it over.

That regiment — which Elie Wiesel, his father and thousands of other Jewish captives chose to flee from with their SS captors — was the 1085th ‘Tarnopol’ Rifle Regiment of the 322 nd Division.

And the regiment’s commander was Leftenant Colonel Anatoly Shapiro. Someone who just so happened to be of Ukrainian Jewish ethnicity.

[to be continued]
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