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Question posts

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I find a number of clones often use questions when they start trolling threads. I initially responded to Godfather in the H thread but thought it was off topic so put these down here. Please note the similarities. All of the initiators are trolls. Notes that Nessie does exactly the same as the other trolls.
TheGodfather wrote:
Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:18 pm
Damn, way to talk about yourself, Goody.
It is interesting, that this thread is completely derailed. It was started by Enigma Charlie who is one and the same as Lupus, all of which are associated with Goody67. Anyone will notice that when a clone become active here it will start threads with question statements such as:
  • What exactly was the Holocaust? What parts of it do you deny? Why do you refuse to accept it happened?...Enigma Charlie
  • Seriously Now, Where Did The Jews "Evacuated to The East" Go?...
  • What Do Laws Have to do With It? Or the endless discussion about Treblinka...StephenP
  • Definition of National Socialism - How nationalist was it? How socialist was it? ...TheMarxist Corey
  • What books do you recommend people to read?...TheMarxist Corey
  • What happened to the "resettled" Jews?...Cerdic
  • Why do you believe in a conspiracy theory?...Mitzvah Celeb
  • Why don't deniers challenge historians?...ZionistLoverJew
  • Why did the Nazis think that most communists were Jews?...Mitzvah Celeb
  • Why didn’t the Nazis use the Jews as slave labour instead of killing millions of them?...Mitzvah Celeb
  • How big should Germany have been before the Allies said “enough is enough”?...Mitzvah Celeb
  • Which excavator was used at Treblinka?...Mr. KnowItAll
  • why do so many well known revisionists also believe in (other) crazy conspiracy theories?...papasha
  • What did Goebbels mean by this diary entry?...Mr. KnowItAll
  • How many Jews were killed at Treblinka?...Mr. KnowItAll
  • How did the Nazis racially distinguish Germans and Jews?...ZionistLoverJew
  • Why did the Nazis excavate part of TII?Nessie
  • Have deniers actually caused any revisions?...Mr. KnowItAll
  • Why do deniers deny that the Nazis admitted they were exterminating the Jews?...Bunim Abend
  • Is there one photo of a dead July 20 Conspirator shot?...DabbingIsSoMuchFun
  • Is there one photo of Gunther von Kluge dead?...DabbingIsSoMuchFun
  • Were there any mentions of the Holocaust in Churchill et al?...DabbingIsSoMuchFun
  • How did the Holocaust narrative originate?...Nessie
  • How many liars does it take to make the Holocaust "myth"?...Nessie
  • What's Holocaust deniers opinion on common the memes and infographics used to prove the Holocaust was hoaxed?...Papasha

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