Has anyone noticed a sharp uptick of holocaust denial on Youtube?

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Aaron Richards
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Has anyone noticed a sharp uptick of holocaust denial on Youtube?

Post by Aaron Richards »

Youtube has been around since 2005 and I started using it around that year itself. So its been over a decade and while I havent been paying paricularly close attention to the development of content, I still get the feeling that the pendulum seems to be swinging toward the holocaust deniers in the past 5 years. Between 2005-2010 most far right stuff I noticed on youtube were Hitler tribute videos, music videos featuring Stahlgewitter and other neo nazi bands. Edgy videos about Waffen SS and so on, with people in the comment section sieg heiling each other and mostly just writing "14/88 from [country name]"

But in recent years I have seen a far more direct attack on mainstream ww2 historiography, and especially holocaust historiography. In non-holocaust military videos, I see more and more people sympathizing with the wehrmacht, admiring them and so on, but what bothers me most is the holocaust section. An influx of fake jew profile (Schlomo Shekelgoldbergstein) with the happy merchant avatars writing sarcastic postings about soap, shrunken heads and reparations and getting thumbs up by others. Long debate chains between a pack of holocaust deniers and 1 or 2 holocaust defenders.

Holocaust survivor testimony videos getting some 40% thumbs down and the top comments usually being deniers.

Holocaust denier videos (like TGSNT, Ugly Voice's One Third reuploads, Hellstorm, Zisblatt's butt diamonds and so on) getting tens of thousands of views.

Has it always been like this? I know youtube algorithm is increasingly becoming an echo chamber, i.e. videos similar to the ones you watched will get shown in your recommended list, and so on, but is it just me or is this a recent development? I know holocaust denier material is nothing new, it's just recycled stuff from the Zündel trial in the 80s or the Irving/Lipstadt trial in the 90s with the Leuchter and Rudolf report thrown in, some Faurisson interviews, IHR meetings and the latest being Carolyn-Sturdy Colls in Treblinka...
Why is debunking decade-long research by revisionist scholars such an entertaining task for an absolute amateur? Honestly, I have no idea: http://siraaronrichards.imgur.com

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Re: Has anyone noticed a sharp uptick of holocaust denial on Youtube?

Post by Scott »

It used to be that YT banned certain stuff outright. Now they mostly just do it for copyright violations.

As Hannover used to say at CODOH (or probably he still does), "the tide is turning."


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