Auschwitz bombing

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Auschwitz bombing

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Auschwitz Birkenau bombed ?

Encyclopedia Britannica states : The death camp remained untouched. It should be noted that military conditions imposed some restrictions on any effort to bomb Auschwitz.

On August 20 1944, the Fifteenth Air Force attacked the I.G. Farben synthetic fuel refinery at Auschwitz, which was less than seven miles from the Kremas at Birkenau. On September 13, 1944, a raid numbering 94 B-24 bombers dropped 236 tons of bombs again on the oil refinery at Auschwitz.

Yet there are testimonies from eye witnesses describing countless bombings.

Jack Patterson
Late September, 1943, Jack finds himself at Auschwitz as a POW from Dunkirk. He was part of a working party sent out from a large POW camp in Eastern Germany.

In the spring of 1944, Auschwitz and the surrounding industrial area became almost a daily target for US heavy bombers based in Italy. Bombs fell only seven times on the Farben camp, but on the first bombing 18 of my English comrades were killed when several bombs fell on our compound one Sunday at noon. The air-raid siren would sound just before noon almost every day until late in the autumn, although on most occasions the bombers would fly on to other targets.

7 times is significantly more than the two bombings officially reported.

John Glennon and William George Hartland
Taken prisoner by the Germans on the outskirts of Dunkirk and was a prisoner until 1945. Ended up in Auschwitz.
A couple of months before being moved from Auschwitz the place was bombed by allied bombers - it was our bad luck that the first flight also dropped bombs on our camp - a number of POWs were killed and some injured - your grand dad was one of the injured - not to badly but bad enough to need treatment at the hospital - he returned to camp after treatment but it wasn't easy on the march which took 12 weeks in mid winter.

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