no gas producer vans with einsatzgruppen

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Re: no gas producer vans with einsatzgruppen

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Hans wrote:
Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:01 am
It is also not believable to install producer gas units for killing, taken away from the civilian sectors, when you got chassis already factory equipped with a poison gas producing unit: gasoline engines. And already for camouflage and logistic reasons, it makes no sense to construct producer gas homicidal gas vans operated by units that were else only using big engines with gasoline.

But then Holocaust denial is not about logic and evidence, huh? :)
To be Frank Hans or is it Hans Frank? the whole idea of gas vans as agents of death is as ludicrous as the pedal powered head knocking machine. This is not a wonderful technical innovation but would have been well known by the NKVD who did not dispense with such gaseous niceties, but murdered with a single bullet to the nape of the neck. This is how the Germans dealt with Partisans, or just a straight and forward hanging. This preoccupation with gas is just incredibly silly. Time you lot moved on.

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einsatzgruppen gas van

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Excerpts from Ohlendorfs testimony
This excerpt bothers me. This is from a link Otto Ohlendorf. His full testimony can be perused here

Otto Ohlendorf was the Head of Amt lll of the Reich Main Security Office during the Second World War and organiser of anti Partizan activity in the Southern Ukraine in 1941 and 1942. Ohlendorf surrendered to British authorities on 23 May 1945 and testified at the Trial of the Major War Criminals later that year. In 1947, he was the chief defendant in one of the twelve subsequent Nuremberg trials held by the U.S. Army (Case No. 9, The Einsatzgruppen Case). Colonel John Harlen Amen was Associate Trial Counsel for the United States and is questioning Ohlendorf as a witness for the prosecution. Despite this Ohlendorf was sentenced to death, and in 1951, despite the American revision of many sentences; the execution was by hanging. He was also a chief defendant. In the excerpt below he mentioned gas vans.
I cannot remember this excerpt being discussed here. I know at a later state he decided to change his testimony
Col. Amen: Referring to the gas vans that you said you received in the spring of 1942, what order did you receive in respect to the use of these vans?

Ohlendorf: These vans were in the future to be used for killing of women and children.

Col. Amen: Will you explain to the Tribunal the construction of these vans and their appearance?

Ohlendorf: The actual purpose of these vans could not be seen from the outside. They looked like closed trucks, and were so constructed that at the start of the motor, gas was conducted into the van causing death in ten to fifteen minutes.

British attorney Reginald Paget, however, questioned the validity of Ohlendorf’s testimony at the IMT. Paget wrote: “Ohlendorf had reported that not only Simferopol but the whole Crimea was cleared of Jews. He was clearly a man who was prepared to say anything that would please his employers. The Americans, also, had found him the perfect witness. Of course dead men do not tell tales afterwards or recant.

There is already a thread on the Einsatz groups discussing the shootings. Walter Haensch, testified that he knew nothing of the murder of the Jews and denied any criminal wrongdoing by his Kommando while he was its leader. Haensch claimed he first learned of the murder of Jews in July 1947 when his interrogator at Nuremberg told him of the Final Solution. Haensch testified that the Einsatzgruppen reports that contradicted his testimony were inaccurate. After the trial, Haensch became so obsessed with proving his innocence that he refused to apply for parole, hoping that American officials would see their error and grant him the clemency he deserved.

The point is why Ohlendorf discussed gas vans for the purposes of murder. We have discussed gas vans and concluded the gas was for the purposes of fuel; Ohlendorf states differently. Was this a deliberate lie?

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