NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health, or Mass Murder!

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Re: NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health, or Mass Murder!

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Friedrich Paul Berg wrote: 15 Nov 2018, 10:42 It is worth reminding ourselves of what Leuchter said about any mass gassings:
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I have already told you. It will not work. No matter how many times you ask me It does not change. Mass Gassings of people with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g are impossible! We can mass execute thousands of bugs, but not people. You cannot seem to understand that. It cannot be done. [emphasis added by FPB]

I remember, when I was at College, in Biology, we had the nicest little Jewish Girl in our lab group. No matter what the instructor said she asked why. He had gone as far as he could go. He told her that her questions were like "why does the sun come up every morning".
She did not want the astronomical answer she wanted the philosophical one. God made it happen. He was Jewish and he told her she needed to talk to her Rabbi. I think I must tell you the same. I am an Engineer and a Technician. I am not a Philosopher or a Clergyman. I am sorry. Study execution procedures and equipment. Then we will talk.

So, contrary to Scott Smith, even Sarin, Tabun, VX or Soman could NOT have been used for mass murder according to Fred Leuchter. Is Leuchter "SANE?" Should I a qualified "engineer," or anyone, quietly accept Leuchter's pronouncements as some kind of "divine truth?" Of course, not--but that is precisely what a swarm of demented revisionists especially at CODOH, including Germar Rudolf, are insisting on essentially.


Holy scheiss, a factual statement made by Fritz Berg? The end is nigh!
Holocaust-Leugnung ist keine Geschichte!
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Re: NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health, or Mass Murder!

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The sad horrible fact is that "holocaust revisionism" has been sidetracked from its earliest days by people who were, and still are, thoroughly INSANE. They believed that "mass gassings were impossible!" Such a claim was not only wrong--it was also utterly stupid. Had these fools never heard of WW1? My simple discoveries about existing German and non-German railroad fumigation tunnels and producer gas vehicles were a major part of my presentations already in 1982 and in my speeches to the National Alliance and IHR shortly thereafter.

But I was also so naive. I never imagined that I was simply rubbing many people the wrong way. They deeply resented the truth that the Germans, of all people, actually had the kinds of advanced technology that I was describing and me personally--I "must be some kind of Jew" (Arthur Butz even accused me of that directly)--for even trying to make it so simple. It took me decades to understand that. With Faurisson, who was actually quite anti-German, and Zuendel gone now--perhaps there is some hope of preventing a new "holocaust religion" from taking a permanent hold on the human race. Some good news, I think, is that even Germar Rudolf in his truly great recent video "The Chemistry of Auschwitz" did NOT waste much time, if any, trying to defend Fred Leuchter and Robert Faurisson. This is a pleasant surprise for me because only a few years ago Rudolf had insisted that I needed some professional psychiatric help for not going along with Faurisson and Leuchter. It was Rudolf himself who needed the help.

BTW, I am NOT Jewish and to the best of my knowledge, no part of me is Jewish either. I am not even circumcized--and I can prove that. My father from whom my last name comes was as thoroughly anti-Jewish and/or anti-Semitic as anyone I have ever known. But if an ancestor of mine had actually been a Jew, so what? Would that invalidate anything I have ever said or written? I thnk not!

Friedrich Paul Berg
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Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

There were NO “limited gassings!” There were NO homicidal Nazi Gassings at all!
The REAL Mass Murderers were the Anglo-Americans and the Jews themselves!
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