Hans (only) v FP Berg (only). The (informal) gas van debate.

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Re: Hans (only) v FP Berg (only). The (informal) gas van debate.

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Thank you for the clarification. :)
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Re: Hans (only) v FP Berg (only). The (informal) gas van debate.

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at best the einsatzgruppe had schuetzenpanzer with woodgas. they were a mobile einsatzgruppe bei definition.
elsewhere producer gaswagen were only used behind the front for supplies
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Re: Hans (only) v FP Berg (only). The (informal) gas van debate.

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All German tanks used Petrol. It is schützenpanzer by the way. In times of extreme shortage I am sure they could be run on wood gas with modification. Some were adapted for used from borrowed Russian diesel engines. At the time the "operational groups" were used there was no shortage of fuel for military purposes: this was not "Dads Army" but a force of combat police. What is claimed is that the exhaust from the wagons was led into the prisoner compartment to gas the prisoners. There seems to be a preoccupation with gas here, when it would be far more efficient just to hang or simply chop of their heads. A shot in the head was the norm for the NKVD, without trial. The Gestapo was a proper police agency that brought criminals to Justice.

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