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been-there wrote:
Nessie wrote:I have not said their lies are equivalent. Strawman, strike two!
Hunh?! :roll:
So where did that quote about Arad come from? Stop trolling and dodging

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Bernard wrote:
Scott Smith wrote:
But I am not facing prison either, nor having been in jail for months or years waiting for my day in court over having touched Elie Wiesel on the sleeve in an elevator and scaring him.
So you were there Scott, and witnessed Hunt "touching Wiesel on the sleeve," or are you privy to religious visions were the truth comes via celestial endorsement? Or are you one of these denier nitwits who believes that your own unedited fantasies are the foundation upon which reality is constructed? Or are you simply full of shit? How do you know what happened? Hunt was charged with "dragging Elie Wiesel from an elevator." Its a good thing that there was a witness present like Scott, to set the record straight.
I wasn't there but got some firsthand Hearsay on it.


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Nazi gaskammer

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Rebutting the best Evidence
Greg Raven

This is interesting as it shows the vitriol from Juden and hoaxers when asked to provide evidence for the existence of gaskammer. Over and over we are told that the “Holocaust” is the best-documented event in history, and that there are mountains of evidence to prove that it (the “Holocaust") happened. If this was the case then of course this forum would not be in existence.

A challenge was given by a poster to the google group alt.revisionism who stated the following:
First, I do not deny the Holocaust happened. Let me repeat that. I do not deny the Holocaust happened. For the purposes of this discussion, I am using a fairly generic definition of the word “Holocaust,” which is “the murder of six million Jews as a central act of state by the Nazis during the Second World War, many in gas chambers.” If anyone has a problem with this definition, I invite you to provide your version.
The author wanted them to provide "one or two best pieces of evidence to support claims that the Third Reich had a plan or policy to exterminate Jews in gas chambers."
Here is what happened:
  • a deluge of ad hominem attacks, with no solid evidence, just eyewitness testimonies (I wonder if Nessie lives there?)
  • The position was egregiously misstated and mis-characterized.
Here is the "evidence" given by Nizkor (Harmon, Keren, McCarthy, McVay, and Stein) though after stating the following:
"On April 20th, Greg Raven posted a challenge. He asserted, without evidence, that the Holocaust never happened — and he challenged those of us who disagree to _prove_otherwise_"

This assertion is completely false considering the original request is posted above and is typical of hoaxers; Greg asked for the evidence that is claimed existed and did not deny there was no holocaust.
Most of these have been discussed on this forum but the evidence given is:
  1. Himmlers Poznan speech.
  2. From the book _Hitler and the Final Solution_ by G. Fleming, University of California Press, 1984, p. 142.
    where there is an alleged report by SS-Sturmbannführer Gricksch.
  3. From the book _The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943_, edited by L.P. Lochner, Doubleday and Co., 1948, p. 86.
  4. From the book _Kommandant in Auschwitz_, by Rudolf Höss, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, Stuttgart, 1958. English translation _Commandant of Auschwitz: the Autobiography of Rudolf Höss_, World Press, Cleveland, 1959, p. 123f.
  5. Documents on Nazism, 1919-1945_, edited by Jeremy Noakes and G. Pridham, Viking Press, New York, 1974, pp. 490-1.
  6. From the book _The Good Old Days_, by Ernst Klee, W. Dressen, and V. Riess, The Free Press, NY, 1988, p. 68.
  7. From the book _The Final Solution: The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe, 1939-1945_, by G. Reitlinger and T. Yosellof, South Brunswick, 1968.
  8. From the book _Trente-quatre mois dans les camps de concentration_ (Thirty-four months in the concentration camps), by Dr. Andre' Lettich, L'Union Cooperative, Tours, 1946. Translation appears in _Nazi Mass Murder_, by Eugen Kogon, H. Langbein, and A. Rueckerl, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1993, pp. 150-151.
  9. Notes From Diary of SS-Doctor Kremer, while in Auschwitz ['The Good Old Days' — E. Klee, W. Dressen, V. Riess, The Free Press, NY, 1988, p. 256-268]
  10. From Dr. Kremer’s testimony regarding his diary, published in _The Good Old Days_, by Ernst Klee, W. Dressen, and V. Riess, The Free Press, New York, 1988, p. 258.
None of this (((evidence))) demonstrates a Nationalozialist plan or policy to exterminate Juden (or anyone else) in gaskammer, nor do they establish the existence of even a single chamber. As such, these documents are not evidence as much as they are adminicles; that is, pieces of a proof, as if you can add half a proof to a quarter of a proof to an eighth of a proof to a sixteenth of a proof and come up with almost a whole proof. This may work in a court of law (or a witchcraft trial!), but revisionists want to know what actually happened. What are the facts? You cannot get to the facts through adminicles, just as you cannot conduct mass gassings without a gas chamber.

Are these the books that the Klowns at the tent read? Are these the falsehoods they accept as pure unadulterated fact, without interpretation or context?

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