Hess and Hitler deserved Nobel Peace Prizes

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Re: Hess and Hitler deserved Nobel Peace Prizes

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Rudolf Hess and the lost chance for peace in May 1941

My current understanding is that with Hitler's blessing Hess flew with a final, numbered, itemised peace proposal which he was deputised to help negotiate and finalise with a 'shadow' government approved and supported by some Lords, parliamentarians and members of the Royal Family.

It was top secret group in Britain who had been in contact with members of the top people in the Third Reich through neutral Sweden. They all COULD and would have been accused of treason had their mission and plot to topple Churchill proved unsuccessful.
Hess had been deputised to go as he spoke fluent English having been brought up bilingual and educated in English at an international school in Egypt, where his family had lived during his childhood.

Hess was supposed to have rendezvoused with the Duke of Hamilton but he couldn't find the rendezvous point in the dark, ran out of fuel looking for it and had to parachute out of his plane rather than risk landing in the pitch black darkness.

He was captured and locked up by Churchill and experimented on with early 'truth serum' drugs to get intelligence from him. That messed with his already fragile state of mind. Thus his peculiar performance at Nuremburg where he didn't recognise his old friends of decades like Herman Göring.

The peace proposals — and the group who were to receive them — are so damaging to the current consensus history that they keeping getting extensions of 'secrecy' for further decades under the state official secrets act. I.e. it is censorship. My guess is because the revelations in the Hess file would discredit the Windsor family so badly that it has been feared it could end the monarchy. Prince George the Duke of Kent is apparently heavily implicated. On 8th June 1939, this Prince had been promoted to the ranks of Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy, Major-general in the British Army and Air Vice-marshal in the Royal Air Force. What a scandal if such a multiple high-ranking officer and member of the Royalty (the King's brother) was discovered to be involved in a plot to sign a peace against the wishes of the Prime-minister (Churchill). Prince George conveniently died soon after the Hess peace-visit in a plane crash at the northern tip of Scotland. The flight was officially bound for Iceland, but his body was recovered with a suitcase of Swedish currency/cash handcuffed to his wrist. Hmmmm? What use would 100 kronor notes be in Iceland??
My understanding/informed guess (?) is that he was on his way to meet a Swedish Count who had been liaising with the German high command as a neutral go-between. Göring had aristocratic in-law relatives from his first marriage to a Swede named Carin Fock, and from his contacts from his period working living in Sweden as a private pilot after WW1.

Hess therefore knew things — explosive things — which is presumably why his mind was detrimentally influenced with drugs, and why he was imprisoned for the rest of his life despite having no involvement in any war crime.
That would explain also why the British strangled him in Spandau prison when he was about to be released, in his nineties, and ludicrously claimed it was a suicide hanging.
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